Friday, February 27, 2009

Settling In...

Thursday was a beautiful warm day here and as much as I enjoyed it I'm not sure our dogs enjoyed the near 90 temps.  There is a nice path through the complex here and it's long enough without being too long for them with a scattering of grassy areas and even a nice area about midway through with some stone benches.  I hope to utilize that for some outdoor time with them each day when housekeeping comes through the room.  I figure I need to spend a couple days here at the hotel with them to get settled in before I make plans to leave them for part of the day to go visit my family. 

I hauled some laundry up to the second floor 'guest laundry room' yesterday.  Split things into lights and darks to wash but threw them all in the dryer to finish up - did a quick fold and left The Engineers stuff on the bed to put away.  So last night he holds up the stack of boxers and says... who's is this? 

boxers 003 I thought he was fooling around... "well I wouldn't bring my boyfriends boxers with me" I say... and he picks up the questionable pair and says... "these aren't mine... they aren't even the right size".  LOL  Oh... well... they must have been left in the washer or dryer... LOL  They are now on the folding table up there... but I'm figuring some guy went home 1 pair short... LOL  I'll look in the machines before I use them from now on.

I looked in the phone book... the huge Dallas Area phone book... and there are 2 knitting shops listed - 2... just 2.  How's that possible?  LOL  Maybe I'll run out and check out one of them later this afternoon.  Or I could take another nap... hhhmmm? what to do?  LOL

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Bon said...

Cheryl, Google Yarn shops Dallas TX and you will find some.

Enjoy your stay.