Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sit, Heel...

That's what I want to do... sit and finish the heels...

socks 011

I started the heel on the blue sock last night at class.

I have to say... if you know and understand the lingo it makes things so much easier. 

Slip 1, k22, ssk, k1, turn...

...meant nothing to me until I watched another knitter do it.  I had read over it and I was thinking 'turn? turn?? turn what? How? WHERE?'  LOL  The teacher last night said she had someone who was questioning what that meant actually stand and turn around in jest as it meant nothing to her otherwise.  Now I know it means to turn to the back side of what you are working on and knit from that side... yep - I need more lessons!  LOL

socks 013Here is another picture of that other sock & yarn...  pretty colors - I think the other two ladies in the class last night bought some of the yarn too once they saw how it knitted up.  Hmmm - could be knitters are as bad as quilters?

In other news... I started to rearrange and unpack some other boxes that I'd just shoved aside in my studio... Aaauuuugh!

unpacking 002Did you know that the stuff you take out of boxes magically expands to fill all available space...  on all surfaces...  and it starts as soon as you slit the tape. 

Taking this stuff out of the boxes was like watching a clown car empty out... it was never ending! 

unpacking 001 I also moved my fabric bins back up under my big ironing surface as a base.  I tried to collect and consolidated fabric that had been hiding in various drawers.  This is all the stuff that doesn't have a plan.

Ya know what... I have too much... I need to use it.  Those 4 really big bins on the bottom have a variety of things in them - one is flannels (not full but it didn't fit in smaller containers), one is old/odd fabrics, one has misc. quilting supplies and patterns (way too many patterns I've never used), the last has a couple old quilts in it.  All the others are full, FULL of fabric...

Although I did set aside some fabric to get rid of... 3 FQ's.  Yes, that was all I could find that I didn't like... I got them in a swap - what can I say I only buy stuff I really like.  LOL

OK that's my plan today - well in addition to cleaning my house because my sister is coming over later to stay the night.  I have found that now that I live closer to family I have to keep my house cleaner... LOL!  Sad but true!  Although I know she doesn't care...

Oh and remember the Hindsight post a couple days ago... a friend (?friend?) asked where the pictures were?  LOL!  Well I've thought about it and ya know what?  I am going to post one of the pictures I took that day.... so check back tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Howdy, you cute thing, you always make me laugh! You actually have a box of "old/odd fabric" ? Is that like having an envelope of "snaps that don't match and string too short to use"? Thank you for the smile! Dianne B. in England