Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sure Wish I'd taken pictures first...

Do you get wrapped up in fixing 'events' that it never occurs to you to document what has happened until after...

Yeah that happens here a lot...

So here is a recent 'After' picture...


And this is after most of the suds have been washed away down the drain...

Where did they come from?

Stone House 107

Remember my new washer... the front loader that kept my Sweet Itty Bitty occupied on the day it was delivered...

That is where the suds came from...

When I came down early one morning and was fixing the dogs their breakfast - imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw NUTIN BUT SUDS in my washer.

The Engineer remembered where I showed him to put the soap... he remembered that I said to just use 'one'... he just didn't remember that I showed him the little TWO TABLESPOON measure that sits in a container on top of the washer - so he added just one whole cap full of the laundry soap.

I scooped at least 5 buckets full of suds out and he dumped them in the sink... Then I filled the washer with other stuff - set it for a quick wash and crossed my fingers.

I also took a quick look around for Lucy and Ethel... I was sure I saw them peeking around the corner...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I wonder about me sometimes...

I spent a good deal of time today leafing through the phone book, checking a local medical directory, and checking health plan info on the Internet as I've got to make some appointments for all those various body parts that need attention.

I found that the hardest thing is finding a new dentist... I'd really rather go back to MA and see my old dentist - the same dentist I've seen since 1982... (OMG that's 26 years - now I feel old).  I really like him and most importantly I trust him.  The Engineer just will not consider it an option for me to drive a couple hundred mile to have my teeth cleaned or any work done.

Late today whilst I struggled to find a new dentist - I realized that I could find a new OB/GYN Doctor in a flash... but I'm agonizing over finding someone to look around in my mouth...

Friday, August 15, 2008

We had a Blast here today...

Really we did... and we do several times a week!

No - not the "Gee that was a Blast!" kind of thing - but the "Wow that was a Blast" as in 'sirens in the background, pause, BOOM, rumble, rumble' kind of thing.

Actually it's not right here at the Stone House - it's just beyond the next road over... at the Quarry.

I was happy to learn of the Quarry the other day as it 'splains that strange boom/rumble I've heard/felt around here every once in a while.  I never put it together with the siren off in the distance because our town has a volunteer fire dept and hearing a siren is a regular part of life here at the Stone House.

I am also happy to know I'm not crazy... well - um, not so's you'd notice anyway.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Many Men in My Life (Final Chapter)

Last but not least - I can't forget about all those wonderful strong men who helped us move.

My goodness those guys worked hard - on two of the hottest and most humid days!  We had one move from the townhouse to here a week after the closing and then on another day 2 weeks later when we unloaded the PODS. 

My sisters' husband Neo Man and two of his friends came along for both events... and boy do those guys all hustle.  You have to pay attention to who's where so that you don't go getting yourself run'd over!  Once they start moving it's just easier to stay out of the way.

Our son-in-law The Sailor helped with the move out of the townhouse but was back at the Navy base in Newport for school when it was time to empty the PODS.  Too bad because he was young and strong and full of energy!  They let him carry all my quilt stuff (bins of fabric) up to my sewing room on the third floor. 

There is no way The Engineer and I could have unloaded all that stuff by ourselves.  And I've got to say - I'm sure glad that I got rid of a bunch of stuff before we moved... really, really glad.  If we hadn't had all this wonderful help moving stuff into the house... I'm afraid I'd have had to put a 'Yard Sale' sign in the front yard... and those of you who know me know that I'd rather run naked up the highway than have a yard sale.

Now, just so you know - my sister was here many, many hot and humid days - helping me clean, helping me move... but she ain't a man - so I'm not going over her contributions here.  I already talked about her here... and that about says it all... (she did work every bit as hard as everyone else).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Many Men in My Life (part 3)

I told you there were a lot of men in my life these days... here's a few more...

Let us talk about the Water Man... he's been here a couple times - first to install our water softener system - Thank Goodness!  I've never had experience with Hard Water... and ours wasn't all that bad by comparison to other local areas... but I'd already had enough after just a few weeks.  And the taste of the water... well - even the dogs didn't like drinking it.  So in addition to the softener system we had a water purifier installed as well that dispenses water to the kitchen.  As we were paying him for his services we just happened to ask if he knew anything about wells.  Although we are on town water for the house - the outside faucets are hooked up to the well - which didn't work.  Now it does!  All new well water pumping stuff down in that big hole out back!  Another hot and dirty job done.

I'd tell you about the man who came and cleaned our oil fired boiler... but he looked like he was twelve years old... so I'm not sure he qualifies?  I thought there were child labor laws... I guess I'm just getting old because he honest to goodness didn't look old enough to know what he was doing.  But he was very efficient and attentive and answered all my questions like he knew what he was talking about.  I especially liked it that he wore these little paper booties over his work boots to keep from getting my new floors all dirty.

There is the Appliance Man who sent me my new washer and dryer... and when I give the word he will send me my new stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave - but first I need to decide if I need to find a man to do the kitchen floor or if The Engineer and I will take on that task.

I'd like to have a man come and give me a new kitchen counter top... but The Engineer is starting to question the necessity of all these men in my life...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Many Men in My Life (part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post I've been spending a great deal of time with a wide variety of men...

Let me tell you about a couple more...

I kept a couple Cement Men in my basement one week - they came really early on a Saturday and carried buckets and buckets and buckets of dirt away.  I'm talking those big 5 gallon buckets - 2 each filled with dirt and rocks - up and down those basement stairs.  They returned a few days later and filled the empty area with stones... and then they brought cement!  My 'cold cellar' - all 10 ft. by 11 ft. of it - is now a part of the rest of the basement perfectly ready and willing to provide much needed storage space.  One important feature we had them put in this new space is a pit for a sump pump... all they had to do was dig the pit and it filled with water... and later when it rained it filled with more water... and later when it rained even harder... it overflowed... and then The Engineer installed the sump pump he had bought a few days earlier... a day late - but no real harm done.  Just proved the point that it was necessary.  Those were all really nice hard working young men - it was hot and humid when they were here and they kept a positive happy attitude as they went about their labors.  Goodness knows I got tired watching them!

Another man whom I must admit I do indeed love is the Floor Guy who refinished our wood floors.  He was here for 2 solid weeks and oh my goodness did he do a lovely job - he even scraped back behind the pipes for the radiators.  He used equipment with HEPA filters so the dust was a bare, bare minimum.  As long as someone didn't write in it you'd hardly notice it was there... LOL  Although I love the idea of a man vacuuming... his heavy duty, strap it on your back kinda vacuum had a high pitch squeal to it that just about drove me nuts!  Although it was bad when he was working on the second story... it was awful when he was working here on the first floor as there was no place to hide.  I suffered through it by running as many errands as I could get away with and now - my floors look marvelous!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Many Men in My Life... (part 1)

I've been spending my days with a lot of men recently... something I wish I didn't have to admit to y'all but it has been necessary here at our Stone House.

Of course you know the Main Man in my life is The Engineer... and with his being a virtual employee he's around all day... every day!  It is his hard work that provides this wonderful slate roof over my head and the beautiful red sandstone walls that surround us - even if that hard work is accomplished as he sits in the cool breeze on the side porch with his computer on his lap.  Tough life huh?

Since we bought the house it's been a virtual revolving door here with all these men.  First I get to I talk to them on the phone, they come over to visit, we end most conversations by talking about money, they leave and then they will come and go - in and out of the Stone House... often I'll have several men here at the same time.

Over the next few days I'll introduce you to them...

First there was the Electrician - and he begot several younger electricians to do his bidding and labor.  They spent a couple days here - upgrading the electric service from 60 AMPS to 200 AMPS.  They had more work to do inside so they came and went again this past week untangling the mess that is the electrical service in the kitchen - I love it when men look confused...  we had plenty of wacky wiring to keep them guessing most of the day. 

The Key Man came and re-keyed doors and installed some deadbolts on others... and now one key opens everything!  Front, back, side, upstairs porch and garage... let me tell you he was worth his weight in keys for sure.  My key ring has a car key and ONE house key!  WooHoo!