Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Many Men in My Life (Final Chapter)

Last but not least - I can't forget about all those wonderful strong men who helped us move.

My goodness those guys worked hard - on two of the hottest and most humid days!  We had one move from the townhouse to here a week after the closing and then on another day 2 weeks later when we unloaded the PODS. 

My sisters' husband Neo Man and two of his friends came along for both events... and boy do those guys all hustle.  You have to pay attention to who's where so that you don't go getting yourself run'd over!  Once they start moving it's just easier to stay out of the way.

Our son-in-law The Sailor helped with the move out of the townhouse but was back at the Navy base in Newport for school when it was time to empty the PODS.  Too bad because he was young and strong and full of energy!  They let him carry all my quilt stuff (bins of fabric) up to my sewing room on the third floor. 

There is no way The Engineer and I could have unloaded all that stuff by ourselves.  And I've got to say - I'm sure glad that I got rid of a bunch of stuff before we moved... really, really glad.  If we hadn't had all this wonderful help moving stuff into the house... I'm afraid I'd have had to put a 'Yard Sale' sign in the front yard... and those of you who know me know that I'd rather run naked up the highway than have a yard sale.

Now, just so you know - my sister was here many, many hot and humid days - helping me clean, helping me move... but she ain't a man - so I'm not going over her contributions here.  I already talked about her here... and that about says it all... (she did work every bit as hard as everyone else).


smiledarlin said...

And Neo-Man and the boys were happy to help out their buddy
"Big T" and they look forward to coming back for a visit- when they won't have to move things!!!
They really were glad to help ya!

They sure are good guys!
CRAZY AND ALL- I just laughed most of the day

Bon said...

Wow, sounds like those men have done tons of work for you. I wouldn't mind having them come to my house BUT ...

So glad you are getting settled. It sounds like a wonderful house.