Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finally… Actually…

I cut!

4Patch (2)

Before I go on… let me tell you that I love my Shape Cut Pro!  It’s a bigger sister to the Shape Cut Plus and ONLY cuts at 2 1/5 inches… but cuts across a full width of fabric.

I sewed and I made blocks!

4Patch (1)

OK - it’s a fairly simple block but that’s the first I’ve worked up in my sewing room in… well… just about forever!

I’ve joined a block swap with the wonderful ladies up at Southampton Quilts – a simple 4 patch swap done over 6 months.  Half a yard each of a light and dark – cut into 2 1/2 inch strips… sew, press, cut, sew, press and you are done!

It felt good!

And yes I had to clean off and dust the cutting table, ironing table and sewing machine…

Oh and look what I found whilst cruising around the countryside one day last Spring with my sister.

I think I got the whole set for $15.00… there are these 9 hex flowers.


I don’t remember how many of each of these two different style Dresden Plate blocks… one with a curved edge (these look like they have been removed from a quilt)…


and these with a pointed edge.


In the good news department… my husband installed a new electrical line to the 3rd floor sewing room… now I can have the A/C on and IRON at the same time.  I might actually do more sewing soon!

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Pottery…

We stopped by a local Arts Fair this past weekend.  It was a nice day (read that - it wasn’t raining!) so we decided to make a quick trip thru the Fair before going home to mow the lawn.

Although it isn’t technically a mug – I collect hand made pottery mugs – it is hand made and it is pottery… just no handle.  I love the clever wood barrel design.


Even has a tap hole in the design…  I could drink beer out of that – or a generous serving of wine… LOL