Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Have Nice Highlights...

or so my sister Darlin' said last week.

She wanted to know if I'd had my hair highlighted?

Nope Sure I do it myself.  It's just the grey that naturally grows there I use platinum blond and highlight it strand by strand. 

I can't find someone to cut my hair the way I like it... I'm certainly not inclined to pay more money to go messing with streaking it with colors.

Besides she thinks it looks really natural... LOL

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eliminate the Paper in Paper Towels

If I was really clever I would have thought earlier to write up a post for Earth Day... but... but... Don't Cry for Me.... ummmm I've been busy and have other things on my mind... Argentinaaaaa....

Sorry.... anyway... back to thoughts of Earth Day!

Have you seen my previous post on making Faux Paper Towels?

Please go and take a look... and you know what?  I'm going to give some of these away!

Everyone who comments on this post between now and the end of the day April 30th will have the opportunity to win a set of 20 Faux Paper Towels! 

Tell us in your comment what you are doing differently to be a little more gentle on our environment.  Make sure I have a way to contact you via email - I'll announce the winner during the day Friday May 1st.

Don't Cry for Me....


GGgggggrrrrrr - Thank you very much Susan Boyle!

Did the TV News have to include the little clip of her singing that little ditty?  It will go around, and around, and AROUND my head for days and days before I can shake it out...

And if you managed to miss seeing it...  Well now you are caught up... we will all be walking around singing Acappella in our heads... to Argentina...

I heard that... and you are Welcome!  I'm all about sharing...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vintage Fan...

As we were poking around at Antique places this past weekend I ran across this old quilt.  These pictures just don't do it justice.


It sure was purdy!!


I wish I had unfolded it more to see how the other edges were finished... but once I saw the price tag of $175 - I knew I wasn't going to buy it.  So I snapped these couple pics with my cell phone figuring I'd draw it up in EQ...

Since I didn't pay attention to how the edges on the other side were finished - I'm guessing they rounded those squares off... it just didn't look right if I left the corners on them.

Here is what I can figure out in EQ...

Vintage Fan 02

I've used a light yellow in place of the muslin/white so that it would show up and I used one color throughout the small center curves where the original has several colors.

Another one of those 'one day' quilts... you know... one day I'd like to make this!

Monday, April 20, 2009

In the Middle of the Night... a hotel room in a strange city...

Sounds like the beginning of a bad B movie don't it?  LOL

Let me back up a bit... back to two weeks ago when I left Texas to return home.

The first day of my return trip went fairly well.  I packed up quickly and the dogs were more than happy to jump up and settle down in the car.  Although it was sunny, it was also cold and windy.  By the end of the day (550 miles and 9 1/2 hours) my arms hurt from holding onto the steering wheel all day - especially since I had tripped over one of the dogs 2 nights before.  I was soooo looking forward to going to bed that night.

So there I was... in the middle of the night... in a hotel room... when I woke up... with a pain that went right through me from between my shoulder blades!

Great!  Well - that wasn't actually the word I thought... as I lay in the dark... in the middle of the night... in a hotel room in a strange city... just me and two dogs...

Wondering if it was really a heart attack or just muscle spasms from pulling, jamming, twisting my arms in the door way as I tried to not squash the dog the other night. 

As I lay there... waiting to see if I was actually going to die... I wondered...

How long would I lay there before someone would brave the barking dogs and come in to find out why I hadn't left?

If I called 911 would I be able to give them enough information about the dogs and their medicines so that who ever took care of them wouldn't make them sicker until The Engineer came to pick them up?

In the few 'logical brain cells' I had operating at 2:30 AM... I knew it was just muscle spasms.  But there were not enough 'logical brain cells' awake to veto all the other 'what if brain cells' that were running amok and going through every possible scenario imaginable... and a few more... (I've got lots of 'what if' brain cells) 

Then I had a hot flash... which I knew was a hot flash... but 'what if' it wasn't... LOL

So at 5:00 AM when it was apparent I wasn't going to die or sleep I got up and got my shower.  I knew then that it was truly a muscle spasm because it hurt to raise my arms to wash my hair.

So I dressed and feed the dogs - who were a little confused at having to get up so early.  I had a quick breakfast courtesy of the hotel, threw my stuff in the car and got on the road.

Next time I travel... I'm packing more 'logical brain cells' for the trip!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 16... wish I could count them...

But the yardage used this week was my nieces... I cut and she pieced.  She designed the back - using the leftover blocks from making the flying geese for the front.  We split the backing and expanded it to be big enough.  She ended up with two really pretty sides don't ya think?  This is the back - before we trimmed all the excess off...

Taylors Quilt 002

and the front...

Taylors Quilt 004

I have to say... Judy is thinking that if she falls off the wagon by buying fabric next week at Paducah that she's gonna give up on reporting!  Now I gotta say... someone with 171 yards used so far this year ought to be able to freshen up the supply every once in a while.  So cut yourself some slack there Judy... and take pictures of your goodies to share!  LOL

My daughter from Mass is here for the weekend and we are busy running around to antique shops and she's working on a painted floorcloth for her kitchen before she heads back Monday!  It's sure been nice to have both her and The Engineer around the table for meals this weekend!

Oh and I haven't forgotten... I did tell ya I had Big News to share!

I'm going to be working part time a couple days each week at the quilt shop!  How Cool is that??  I'll start in a couple weeks... WaaaHooo!  The plan is to work for awhile so the owner can catch up on the quilts she's got in for the long arm part of the business - and we will see after that.  I have missed working in a quilt shop so I'm very excited!!  Although it's probably not good news for my stash reduction efforts...

OH WAIT.... I did have a 1/2 yard reduction in my stash... I gave a half yard of Hill Country Spring to my sister... I'll have to make sure I update my spreadsheet - I need to track all the negative amounts I can.  LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

156... and other stuff...

That's how many new posts were listed in my Google Reader... guess I'm a bit behind on my blog reading.

I had been trying to keep up while in Texas - even if I wasn't writing post I was trying to keep up with the blogs I read... certainly more entertaining than the newspaper.

I have barely opened my computer since I left Texas a week ago Monday... but today while waiting for my niece Tatty to quilt her quilt - I thought I'd use my waiting time to catch up. 

Here's my niece getting started... I'll add finished pictures another time.... lovely quilt but an even lovelier niece!

tays quilt 3Look at what a nice job she is doing!  She played with two practice passes before her other Aunt loaded her quilt up... she's a pro at 14!

tays quilt

Of course there was the threading problem... but she didn't rethread the machine when the thread broke... so her Aunt Darlin' was helping her pick it out.  Not a lot to take out because Tatty knew something wasn't right and stopped... tays quilt 2

These pics are from my phone... quickest way to get them online is to email them to myself - but the quality is only so so.

Oh My...

I've been meaning to come in here and let y'all know I got home... but I've been 6 different directions...

Anyhoo... I got home last Wednesday... details to follow!

My niece Tatty arrived on Saturday to spend a few days of her Spring Break here.  We've pieced the top and back of a quilt and are headed to my sister Darlin's house in New Jersey to get it quilted.

So I will be back... I'm pretty sure that there is a free evening in my future... after Tatty goes home on Thursday... and my daughter arrives for a weekend visit... and the Engineer is home... and, and, and... I'm pretty sure there is a free evening somewhere in there... LOL

I've got news.... NEWS!  Really Cool News!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stashbusting Week 14... Ketchup... ummm...

I mean catch up... I haven't been around here much as I finish up my last few days here in TX but I finally have something to report other than zip, nada, nothing, zero!

I finally stepped foot into a quilt shop yesterday... yes I've been here all these weeks and have not even come close to shopping!  LOL

My sister out in Weatherford has a lovely shop just around the corner from her called the Quazy Quilt Shoppe - wonderful selection of fabrics, bright cheery shop, friendly owner and staff... it could have only been better had they been giving away fabric... oh wait they did that too!  LOL  A little packet of 'Quilters Candy' just for being a brand new shopper in their store... If you are out in Parker County - you should stop in!

Anyhoo.... I had to get some of the Moda Hill Country Spring before I left... this stuff is just toooo pretty!  And I managed to find a few bandana prints on sale to add to my western stash.

So my confession report this week is 5 1/2 yards in... nothing out!

I'm headed home tomorrow and should arrive late Wed. just in time for a class on Thursday... my niece is arriving over the weekend to spend her spring  break with me... my daughter arrives on that Thursday to spend the weekend with us... oh and The Engineer is flying home that Thursday too for the weekend... and the following weekend I'll be down in VA for a family event then! 

All that to say I'll probably not be around much still for another couple weeks... but I will be back to a fairly normal routine soon.

Well as normal as my life can get anyway... LOL