Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stashbusting Week 14... Ketchup... ummm...

I mean catch up... I haven't been around here much as I finish up my last few days here in TX but I finally have something to report other than zip, nada, nothing, zero!

I finally stepped foot into a quilt shop yesterday... yes I've been here all these weeks and have not even come close to shopping!  LOL

My sister out in Weatherford has a lovely shop just around the corner from her called the Quazy Quilt Shoppe - wonderful selection of fabrics, bright cheery shop, friendly owner and staff... it could have only been better had they been giving away fabric... oh wait they did that too!  LOL  A little packet of 'Quilters Candy' just for being a brand new shopper in their store... If you are out in Parker County - you should stop in!

Anyhoo.... I had to get some of the Moda Hill Country Spring before I left... this stuff is just toooo pretty!  And I managed to find a few bandana prints on sale to add to my western stash.

So my confession report this week is 5 1/2 yards in... nothing out!

I'm headed home tomorrow and should arrive late Wed. just in time for a class on Thursday... my niece is arriving over the weekend to spend her spring  break with me... my daughter arrives on that Thursday to spend the weekend with us... oh and The Engineer is flying home that Thursday too for the weekend... and the following weekend I'll be down in VA for a family event then! 

All that to say I'll probably not be around much still for another couple weeks... but I will be back to a fairly normal routine soon.

Well as normal as my life can get anyway... LOL

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