Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being Prepared…

You know the planning for a long flight to Hawaii takes a bit of thought.

I wanted to be comfortable – so I choose to wear a pair of black light weight knit work out pants, a sleeveless top and a long sleeve very, very light weight knit cardigan.  Because my left foot is still a bit swollen my slip on shoes were the perfect choice.

I charged all my electronic devices, updated my iPod, downloaded a book to read, downloaded a book to listen to, and brought along a Sudoku book and mechanical pencil.

I was all set…

Until the lens fell out of my glasses…

Is it some sort of twisted evil plan that makes an eyeglass manufacturer design glasses that have the screw holding the lens in place inserted from the bottom up?  What’s with that?

And so about an hour into my 9 hour flight… I couldn’t see to read my book or play any games on my iPod.  I could play Sudoku in the book I brought but couldn’t see my little number notes in the corners of the blocks.  I did listen to my audio book – but that made me sleepy and I had to keep backing up the story.

So I decided to sit and Ponder for awhile… then I remembered the extra pair of reading glasses I had packed in with my makeup bag.

Mental note:  Pack an eyeglass repair kit for the next long trip.

Any frustration over my glasses was quickly resolved upon arrival.

The little boy being a little boy…

Kai shopping

A very happy big sister…

Keao baby

Keanu sleepingAnd a laundry helper that seems to be sleeping on the job!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saying Aloha…

We have a new grandbaby…

Say Aloha to Keanu…

Keanu 2 days

His older brother just loves holding him…


Everyone is doing well – the kids are especially excited with their new brother!  I’ll have more pictures when my daughter gets her cable service established.  You see - they moved down the street to a bigger house.  Yeah – she went into labor the day the movers came.  LOL – when it rains - it pours… even in paradise.

My quilty weekend was so much fun… we had a great time and got a lot of sewing done.  Our Challenge Quilts were all wonderful – I of course don’t have any pictures so when I do get some I’ll post them.

I worked on a New York Beauty for a shop sample that was printed on foundation fabric.  Of course no matter how many times I looked at it and rearranged… I’m still not excited about the color dispersion.  Oh well.  I think I’d like to do something like this again but using a paper foundation that could be removed.


I also got the Sept. & Oct. Calendar Quilts done…


I’ll have to update that page but that will have to wait.

Now I’ll say Aloha… because my bags are packed and I’m headed to Hawaii first thing Friday morning!  There are 3 grandkids there for me to snuggle… oh and I’m gonna work on my tan too!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eating Peas…

I had to laugh when the President – in talking about getting this whole debt ceiling issue resolved – said it was something that just needed to be done…  “So we might as well do it now: pull off the Band-Aid, eat our peas. Now is the time to do it. If not now, when?"

The USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council’s response was… “We take President Obama’s comment on the need to ‘eat our peas’ as a reference to the First Lady’s push to get all Americans to eat a more healthy diet as part of the Let’s Move campaign. Eating peas has two clear benefits: they can help close the nutritional loopholes in your diet, and preparation isn't taxing! If tasty and nutritious meals featuring peas are served more frequently in the White House and in the cafeterias of both Houses of Congress, it will contribute to a balanced diet, if not a balanced budget. Eating more lentils couldn’t hurt, either.”  (Closing loopholes… not taxing… balanced budget… very clever!)

That made me laugh too – they could have had their nose out of joint but instead chose the higher road… saw the glass as half full… and made lemonade out of lemons pea soup out of dried peas!

Anyway… I’m at the ‘eat my peas’ point.  My quilty friends will be arriving here day after tomorrow - I can stall no longer… I have to sort thru the remaining clutter and get it put away, the compost heap pile of misc. laundry needs to be caught up, and books and magazines need to be collected and put away.  Then I think I’ll call it done… good news is that I know my friends don’t come to visit or inspect my house.  They will understand that I didn’t wash my curtains because I’m not climbing a ladder to take them down or put them up… and as long as no one writes in the dust – it won’t be noticed either!  LOL

Here’s a picture to ponder… kinda looks like farm fields from the air don’t ya think?


Friday, July 1, 2011

University Update–Calendar Quilts

Finally I’ve gotten some pictures of the May thru August Calendar Quilts.

Individual pictures are posted on the Calendar Quilts Page… just click the link on the right or on the link above.

All of these still need to be quilted… something that won’t happen any time soon.

May & June… I especially like the Ants and Watermelon on June.

May June

July and August…

July August

Four more to go…