Monday, August 23, 2010

Being Exhausted is No Excuse…

I sure wish I could get away with saying “I’m Exhausted” and then just doing nothing… like my digital camera.

I wanted to get a picture of a brown butterfly out in the garden but it said ‘Battery Exhausted’ on the screen and then shut itself down.

A ‘big sigh’ would have been a nice annoying touch…

Anyway – here’s the best I could do with my phone… which seems to need to have it’s lens cleaned I think.

IMG00554 IMG00552 IMG00553

Haven’t a clue what it is - it’s just a purdy rich brown butterfly with yellow and blue spots!

Should have been sewing some today but did some cleaning; picked tomatoes and then went to the grocery store.  Then I put on a crock pot of Beef Stew and another one of Chili. 

Sad news is neither of them was ready for dinner…  Kitchen sure smells good though. 

We had nachos for dinner – a quick easy no work kinda meal.  Although it did taste a little like beef stew… LOL

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not in Kansas anymore…


But I was… and look what I found!  Flowers of the Sun by Southsea Imports.  Ooooo so pretty!  The flowers have got to be 8 – 9” across and rich wonderful colors.  Not sure what I’ll do with it… so I got 4 yards to make sure I had enough.

I made a quick trip out for a family reunion – left on Wednesday last week and returned home Tuesday this week.  Nice and easy drive out and back with a layover just outside of Indianapolis which is the midway point.

Oh and my garden… the one my husband was suppose to be minding.  He didn’t think any tomatoes were ready to be picked… still too green he thought (probably made that assessment as he drove by).  So I picked after I sat my luggage down…

got maters 004 (Medium) got maters 003 (Medium)

Last night after dinner I washed, cut, cooked, and pureed all that would fit in my 12 Qt stock pot – which wasn’t nearly big enough for the task at hand.  By 11 PM it had cooked down enough that it fit into my large crockpot where I left it simmering overnight.  It will continue to cook down through the day today and I’ll most likely can it tonight when I get home. 

See all those Romas?  Never even touched them… since there were some greener ones in there I figured I’d wait.  I knocked those off reaching for the ripe ones that had fallen off the vines and were laying in the dirt under the plants.

Next time I leave I think I’ll hire a gardener to mind the garden… too green my foot!  LOL

I’m working a few more hours this week at the quilt shop as the owner is on vacation.  Lots to do there with finishing up samples and cutting kits for the BOM programs.

But I’ll be pondering my Sunflowers…

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Lost Week…

or at least most of it anyway.

Some medication I had taken before did not agree with me last week… seems the generic has changed the formulation and although it was probably doing what it was suppose to be doing it was also making me feel terrible… really terrible.

Once I stopped taking it – it took about 48 hours to get the awful feeling out of my system.  Then I had something of a relapse… oh no wait – that was just sticker shock from the cost of the brand name version of the medication… LOL

So last week I spent most of my time on the couch… now don’t get me wrong – I’d love to have nothing better to do than sit around doing nothing.  But when that’s all you can do – kinda takes the fun out of it.

I’ve got tons of stuff to catch up on… the car needs service… I’ve got errands to run… plants to water… a pattern to work on…

But first here are some pictures of my butterfly bush and one of it’s visitors.  We usually have a few butterflies flitting around and these swallow tails seem to especially like to visit.