Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys...

The Engineer opened a new bar of soap today... Which reminded me that I never told y'all about the lovely lady we met recently.

She is a young wife and Mom living with her family on a near-by dairy farm. She - in addition to homeschooling her kids and helping with the dairy - has her own little business on the side making and selling soap.

So one beautiful fall Saturday we stopped in to buy some soaps.

I picked out a nice "Oatmeal, Milk and Honey" and a lovely "Lavender Flowers". I hadn't paid any attention to what The Engineer had chosen...

That'll learn me... LOL

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do Not Tell Me If I Am Wrong...

Because it seems to be working for me.

I have to press ALL the seams open on these blocks I am working on (and not liking it a whole lot).

The other day as I was pondering open seam I decided that it might be easier to do if I wasn't working on a flat surface.

So I pulled out my old ironing 'ham' - and it does seem easier...

But like I said - if this isn't true - don't tell me until I am done.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Is Your Memory?

Do you take a specialty ruler out to use only to realize you don't remember how to use it?

Since I know I have a mind like a sieve sometimes (often) I know that keeping the instructions with the ruler or in a safe place is important.

Here is what i do.

All of the original instructions go into a clear bag I keep on the shelf. Everything in one place - no guess work! I also make a copy of some of them to keep with the rulers I might take out of the house - that way I'll never loose my original instructions.

I also use this approach with kitchen/household appliances and gadgets. Everything into a bag - I find those zippered linens bags a great size. I know right where to look for the book for the stove when I want to clean the oven.

And I discovered yesterday that I have the booklet for the breadmaker I left in MA with my daughter. I'll have to remember to give that to her...

Maybe I should write myself a note...

The pictures are of my Deb Tucker Flying Geese ruler with it's copy of the instructions - the other picture is of some of the stuff from my 'originals' bag.

So how do you keep things organized?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There Is An App For That

It occurred to me that I could probably write and send a post to the blog using my iPod - and sure enough... there's an app for that!

So here I sit with my feet propped up and not a computer in sight.

And to check out the picture feature - here's a big sloppy grin...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Quilters Gather…

I went up to the East Coast Quilters Alliance Show “A Quilters Gathering” in Nashua, NH.  It’s an annual show that I’ve been going to since 2002 – I haven’t attended every year nor have I stayed over every time but living 6 hours away certainly makes that a reasonable decision.  We had a great time – it’s always fun to get together with this group of ladies.  We enjoy the show, the vendors, and sitting and sewing the long weekend in our room.  And It’s great to see some other quilty friends who attend the show individually or with a guild group on a day trip.  Much fabric was fondled and purchased and even a new machine this year (not by me!).

This year I finally attended a lecture and a class.  The lecture was by Louisa L. Smith called “I’m stripping to show my curves”… very interesting way she has of working with fabric and something I may need to investigate further.  I also took an evening class with a couple of my fellow roommates – a Sue Nickels class on drawing feathers.  No machines involved – just paper and pencil.  I’ve never even attempted feathers… but I think I may just give it a go now that I have had some expert guidance.  There will be lots of paper work before I take needle to fabric though… I need to find that doodle thing I bought a while back and use that as I sit and watch TV.

Many years ago I began to use the curtains in our hotel room as a design wall… it’s a tradition of sorts now and I was chided Thursday evening because I hadn’t pinned anything up yet!  The picture isn’t great but here is a sample of what we were up to that weekend.  Last years projects can been seen back here.

Nashua design wall 2011

After the show I headed to my daughters house in West Springfield, MA – she had power again as of Thursday evening.  Goodness gracious… Mother Nature had put on her big boots and stomped around the Pioneer Valley big time during that freaky October storm the Saturday before.  Much of the North East had damage but the Pioneer Valley was especially hard hit.  I found driving around depressing… you didn’t need to travel much to know that the tree damage is extensive and the cleanup will take a long time.  Some streets you felt like you were driving down hedge rows with the debris piled along the tree belt in front of all the houses.  Driving down some of those tree lined streets is a dangerous proposition as there are still some broken limbs hanging up high… waiting for the first good wind storm to dislodge them.

It did feel good to get back to the pool and back to my weekly therapy.  The gym had asked if they could take my picture and use some comments I made concerning the benefits of the pool program in their program guide.  So here is my minute and a half of fame… LOL

minute and a half

Each and every day I’m pleased with the progress I’m making… I’ll be truly happy if I can get to the point where I can walk fast again!