Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Again…

Although I do love to travel… I hate the whole process of unpacking and putting stuff away.  Especially all the sewing stuff… which of course I took too much of in the first place and then gathered a few more things along the way too.

My ‘Roomies’ at the show were - as always - wonderful! I do enjoy hanging out with those ladies.

Although we ended up in a room smaller than we had wanted - we made do and finagled the space to have 3 sewing machines set up and operating.  I love my SewEzi table.

Nashua 2010 003

Oh – that down comforter there on the bed… it lasted only one night.  OMG I thought I’d burst into flames while sleeping.  It was replaced by a lovely finished quilt that Neen had brought along to show.  It was wonderful… the wool batting was the perfect balance of warmth and light weight.

Nashua 2010 001 

Dawn snugged her table right between the beds and had easy access to the iron… well – IF I remembered to turn the iron back to that side of the board so she could reach it.  She got a little more exercise then she wanted because I have a mind like a sieve…

We also managed to eek out enough space for a mid size cutting board on the desk and the beds doubled up as alternative work surfaces to spread out all our equipment, fabric, patterns, etc.

Nashua 2010 029

The ironing board was sadly just an ironing board… when you get use to using a 24” x 60” board – well… anything else just isn’t sufficient.  Size is everything!  But it did come with a seat… which Melissa was thankful for as it was very late when she was getting her seams for her hunters star pressed.

Oh and we also had a design wall – kindly supplied by the Hotel.  A couple table runners (Dawn & I), a wine tote (mine), blocks from a Hunters Star project (Melissa), star blocks from a Laps from Fats book pattern (Dawn), 2 small quilts from Bit’s & Pieces book (mine) and a couple half log cabin blocks from a pre-cut quilt kit that was gifted to me from my friends and a kaleidoscope type ornament made from a kit I purchased.

Nashua 2010 020  

Maybe it’s just me… (most likely it’s a result of the economy) but the ‘quilt show’ wasn’t as impressive as it’s been in the past – not as many quilts on display and nothing that really stood out to me like others have in the past.  I actually only went through the show once… I didn’t see anything outstanding that made me want to go back and look again. 

Attendance seemed down from other years… again probably the economy played into that.  I don’t like shopping in crowds and really didn’t see the kinds of crowds I would have avoided in the past.

I did spend some time each day poking around the vendor area and came away with just a few things - again nothing jumped out as truly inspiring.  Some vintage fabrics spoke to me – 50’s themed holiday prints and I poked around and came away with some Civil War era fat quarters.  I purchased the wine tote kit but I think I need to tweek the pattern as it’s just awkward.  I loved making the kaleidoscope ornament and will make more of those for sure – especially since I picked up a 45 degree diamond template to make cutting easier.

I pieced the 20 half log cabin blocks from the kit my friends gifted me.  It felt odd piecing when I hadn’t cut the parts out myself.  A nice kind of odd for sure… just sit down and sew and in no time you are done.  If you are looking for a great gift – consider a ‘precut quilt kit’.

Nashua 2010 024

Since I couldn’t find the tops I made from the Bits & Pieces book… I made a couple more.  I had some of the parts cut and partially assembled for one top (right) so I finished that first after adding some fabric… when all was said and done - I am not in love with it… the fabric I added had all the right colors but I think the print is too busy.

Nashua 2010 019

The one on the left I may end up changing… that inner border on the top and bottom – it bothers me the more I look at it.  I may just put in my second choice which is the blue toned fabric. 

The Table Runner was a hit… I’ll share info on that in another post.  You will want to make some… great easy gifts. 

Nashua 2010 016

Nashua 2010 013

Dawn and her table runner above and the blocks for a raffle quilt she’s making are below. 

Nashua 2010 026

Neen was working on an appliqué project and reading… but I have no evidence of either of those… so you’ll have to take my word on it.

It was great fun to hang out with everyone again and get to know others like Sue Trask.  Sue was there as a Freshman Vendor – she owns The Quilt Patch – has been friends with the other gals for years and Melissa and Dawn both teach at her shop.  I enjoyed getting to know her and look forward to seeing her again next year.

We heard a rumor that next year (2011) will be the last year the event will be held at this hotel.  It was previously a Sheraton Tara Hotel but is currently owned by Radisson.  Not sure where the show will be moving… more rumors indicated that Manchester may be the place… but you know how rumors are!  We will have to wait and see…

After several days of sewing and visiting at the show I headed back to MA to spend a couple days with my kids.  I drove home on Tuesday in order to cover the quilt shop for the Thimbleberries Club group that night.  I’m still tired though… it always takes a few days to wind down and catch up with sleep.

My sister is headed out here today and we will pick (pick up) apples… and I guess since it’s nice out I should finish cleaning up around the garden beds.

I wonder what I’ll do with the apples this weekend… LOL  Nothing if I don’t get off this computer.


KASEYSMOM65 said...

Was any of that part of your Quilt College project list???? I'm going to check index cards.....The Professor

Gwen said...

Very interested in the table runner! Is there a pattern somewhere? Thanks!