Sunday, November 21, 2010


I started knitting socks almost two years ago…

The first pair of socks I started… I haven’t finished… yet.  I completed this single sock in March of 09 while hanging out in TX with The Engineer while he was working down there.

Toeup sock 006

But I have finished several other pairs and I wear them… the second pair I started I actually finished in March of 09.

Toeup sock 012

I also finished these little cotton footie socks in March of 09.

knitting sock 013

Needless to say – sitting around in a hotel room left lots of time to knit… LOL

These Spiral Tube Sock were completed in Dec of 09.

Spiral Sock 002

These blue socks (wool blend) I started in January and finished in April this year – my daughter who was visiting from Hawaii bought the yarn while she was here - I told her that when she moved to a cold climate I’d give them to her.  The lighter socks I started in May this year and finished recently.

socks finished

I hate it that it takes so long to finish a pair… mostly because when you get one sock done you have to then start all over again and make another…

Recently Judy L mentioned a book someone had suggested to her to learn the 2 at a time technique – Knitting Circles Around Socks… so I purchased it and Knitting More Circles Around Socks (since they were both on sale – 40% off at Knit Picks).

Last weekend I started…

knitting circles around socks

about mid week I had turned the heel…

knitting circles around socks 001

and Saturday morning I finished…

 knitting circles around socks 002

I do like the 2 at a time technique.  I followed the Basic Sock Pattern from the first book using # 5 circular needles and Plymouth Yarn Encore Tweed Worsted weight yarn in an oatmeal kinda color.  Most of the other socks I’ve knitted used the sock weight (thinner) yarn and #2 double pointed needles – but for learning this technique I’m glad I followed the Basic Pattern using the heavier yarn and thicker needles.  Of course there is always the concept that with a thicker yarn you have less stitches and therefore get done sooner too… LOL – I liked that as well.

The next ones I do will be the toe up style and then I can just keep knitting until the yarn is finished and make the legs longer. 

I took my time and paid close attention to the pattern and I spent some time each day knitting so that I could get them done.  I was happy that I caught on pretty quickly and was able to do away with the point protectors they suggest using in the beginning as a means of keeping track of what set of needles you are working on… and then I managed to get 3 sections on one needle only once – so I was happy.

I’m hoping to adapt this technique to work up some fingerless gloves I need to get started on soon…

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Anonymous said...

I love the socks my DD made for me. I'll have to have her read your blog about the two on a needle, she might enjoy that method.