Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten Minute Table Runner

Nancy - the shop owner at Piece By Piece Quilt Shop - came in with a free pattern (links below) she came across recently.  She showed me the table runners she had made and I couldn’t believe how simple they are.

You will want to make one some a lot one for everyone you know… and then some to keep for yourself.

It’s just this easy… 1/3 of a yard of one fabric (center) and a 1/2 yard of another (borders and back).  

10 min Table Runner 003 Sew the two pieces together along both long edges. 

10 min Table Runner 005Turn right side out and even up the borders that wrap to the front and press.  Trim off both selvage edges.

10 min Table Runner 011

Fold in half along the length (back sides together)…

Even up the edges and stitch from the open end to the fold. Press seam open and turn…

10 min Table Runner 015

These are shorter because I cut them in half when I trimmed the selvages – I wanted to make place mats rather than a runner… 10 min Table Runner 016

I had already made a runner… swapping the fabrics and using a 10” center piece… which gives you wider borders…

10 min Table Runner 020 Buttons, tassels, or decorative stitching are all options for finishing off the turned corner.

The shop has been packaging up some nice fabric combinations including the free pattern and we cannot keep up with them.

The Ten Minute Table Runner was a publication from Utah State University Extension Office – however I can only find it at this quilt shop’s web site.  Although I can’t find that specific PDF currently at the USU Extension Office… I have found that they have a similar one that has you sew the short seams with the runner folded in the opposite direction (front sides together) which results in the corners turned to the back and more of the center fabric shows.  Just a little different look… I happen to like having the back/border fabric showing on the front corners.

There’s still time to whip up one or two for Thanksgiving!


SandyQuilts said...

Oh yes ... I made one last year.


KASEYSMOM65 said...

Huh!? Good grief..even with pictures I don't get it. I'll have to get some fabric and play with it live and in person. Looks pretty cool...and I know some ladies up here who just can't resist a tablerunner pattern.

Donna said...

I just learned how to do it last night at church, when the ladies got together. I decided I will do it with my 12 year old daughter and do a video demo of it. Sooooooooooo, easy. You can ad lace, or piping, or decorative stitch. A friend makes them and wraps meals she takes to friends for compassionate service.
Others decided to make ones for dinning room table holiday displays...

Anonymous said...

I made several of these for Christmas gifts and for my Daughter. Love making them they are so easy and fun to make.
Thanks for posting this and now I want to make on of the sort of round ones. I have made them twice as long for a piano for my daughter too. She loves them. She want one for every season now.


Louise said...

I made several of these for Christmas gifts for myself and my daughter. I love making them as the are fun and easy to make. I want to make your octagon one now after seeing it on here. Thanks for posting it.


donna said...

My friend and I made these while we were camping last month. Since my husband and I are full time RV ers a runner is all I need as a cover on my dining table. I love this.