Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Hardware…

I went to the Dr. on Friday for my post-op follow-up and to get the stitches removed from the ‘pokie holes’ in my knee.

I got to do my best impression of a pretzel so that they could take an x-ray from the side of my knee.  That pretzel position wasn’t nearly as painful as the one I assumed for the x-ray at the ER.

I found out I’ve got 2 screws… one that goes straight in – in the middle of the bone to hold the ACL back in place where it broke off (at the break) and another coming in from the other side to hold the bone together snug.

xray-2 2-25

I could show you the camera picture of the stitches in the ACL and the screw… but I don’t want anyone feeling light headed… one of us is enough.

Here is the other new hardware…


I’ve got a couple hinges either side of my knee  – but it’s locked straight – no bending this knee and no weight to be put on the leg.


I’ve got some quick release buckles on the velcro straps… no more noise when I take it on and off.


The supports are along the sides and there is only padding where the buckles are – so this will be much more comfortable and won’t slide like the other one did.


All buckled up… and no place to go…

He did offer me a cast… and then offered me this.  He said this immobilizer works as well as a cast except for when people take it off and then reinjure themselves moving around without it on.  Needless to say… I won’t be tooling around without it on – I can take a hint.

I did get my wheelchair… it helps in some respects but it’s a tight squeeze in some places and then having my leg sticking straight out just complicates things.  Easier to just stay put…

My Son-in-Law surprised us by driving up here on Friday.  He’s recently reported to the DC area for a Navy school – that’s why my Daughter and grandkids were planning on being here at this time to visit.  Their Friday class was cancelled so he took advantage of the opportunity and headed up here after the DC area morning traffic settled down.

Maybe this week I’ll be more productive… maybe… maybe not…

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Answer…

I took this picture the other day…

cards 1

…all such sweet and funny cards – each and every one that have come in make me smile!

But all of you quilters will especially appreciate this card…

cards 2

It covers any and all occasions I think…

cards 3

Thank You All for all of the Wonderful Happy Healing Thoughts that have been sent my way via the post office, email, and especially those quick and powerful prayers (I may not hear them – but I feel them)!

The kids were excited that there was some snow on the ground yesterday morning when they awoke.  Or ‘Snowman’ as my grandson calls it… if it’s white and on the ground… it’s ‘snowman’ – not just snow.  So if you follow his logic you will understand that “Granny fell down on snowman and broke her knee”… that’s how he explains it.  They were excited to go out and play in the ‘snowman’.  LOL  It’s really cold so they may get another day or two to play but come Friday it will be raining… and the snow will be gone again.

I laid down on the bed yesterday afternoon about 2 – the little boy came and sat in my prison recliner to watch a little TV while Mom & Keao were doing school lessons online.  He fell asleep… I fell asleep… he woke up later but I stayed and snoozed off and on until 5 PM.  Three Hours!  And I still went to bed at 10 and fell right to sleep.

My granddaughter Keao and I have started reading the Little House series… that should keep us busy for a few months don’t ya think? 

Todays’s plan… maybe I can avoid an afternoon killing nap if I get out some knitting… oh and I hope to have a wheel chair delivered today – I’ve grown tired of using this office chair to scoot around – time for an upgrade!

New wheels should make me feel good don’t ya think?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Weeks…

I am 2 weeks beyond the fall and just about 1 week post surgery… and I think I’m doing OK.  I’m putting a picture at the very bottom of this post – so if you don’t wanna see a few ‘pokie holes’ with stitches in my knee… well don’t look – although it really isn’t too gross.

The Dr.’s office said I could remove the wrapping on Friday when I called and cover the stitches with waterproof Band-Aids – the surgical wrap was slipping and rubbing the stitches and driving me nuts since the swelling had gone down quite a bit.  Today after my bath I took off those Band-Aids and took a picture before putting new ones on.  I think everything is looking good – in a knee full of ‘pokie holes’ kinda way.

Friday the stitches will come out at my Dr.’s visit… and I hope I can get a wheel chair for getting around the house.  Right now I’m using an office chair to roll myself to the bathroom because the walker was killing my right shoulder.  I may just end up in PT for it before my knee.

I’d like to say I’ve done lots of sewing – but I haven’t.  Last week I spent most of my spare time snoozing and this morning when I got the applique out I found that it bothers my shoulder… so I may just try out some knitting and see how that goes.

My knee (well at least a picture of the knee) is down there…







stitches 2-21

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Medicine…

My daughter and grandkids arrived Tuesday while I was at the Surgery Center.  Kara said that the kids spent a few minutes hugging on the dog Kara-Kai 2-11Toot and then Kai asked for his boots!  The boy loves his boots!  Had to have his boots.


But if he doesn’t have his boots on – he’s barefoot.  And he usually makes a big production of taking the socks off and throwing them on the floor… he’s such a boy!  LOL



This child – my favorite oldest granddaughter – stood out in the cold holding the screen door open so I could hobble inside after my surgery Tuesday.

Keao 2-11


I took these pictures using the ToonCamera App. 

Here is Keao when she came to snuggle with me in bed Wednesday morning.





And here is the boy snuggling with his Granny in my prison recliner.

G-Kai 2-11

It’s hard to hold the ipod and touch the screen to take the picture – but not as hard as it is to get a picture of the boy when he’s standing… talk about a wiggle worm!  LOL

The surgery on Tuesday went well – I was very happy with the Surgery Center – very professional.  I actually had a conversation with the Anesthesiologists – not the hi, bye you usually get from them.

Anyhoo – my ACL did get a couple stitches to pull together a small tear and then where the ACL broke away from the bone it was screwed back down into place.  Six weeks to allow the bone to heal and then the PT will start. 

I slept the rest of Tuesday waking up long enough to take more pain meds and eat a small meal.  I couldn’t believe I could sleep that much. 

My son called during that time to check in on me… and this is his Facebook entry about it…

“Discovered a great new game the whole family can play. It's called Talk to your mom when she is on Percocet and see how many times you get her to say "Wait, What?"

Twit!  LOL  It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the one who as a teenager promised to take care of me in my old age… he said “I’ll get you a bed by the window!”  What more could I want?

So here we are on Friday… I actually started typing this post on Thursday but got sidetracked by naps and such. The swelling has gone down – my only real problem right now is that the bandaging has shifted and the stitches are being tugged and pull – very pricky feeling.  I can’t tell you how annoying that feeling is.  I put a call into the Dr.’s office – hopefully they’ll tell me I can pull this stuff off and what to put on over the stitches to protect them.

My youngest and her fella are coming in over this long weekend to visit… the kids are so excited to see her!  Me too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I’ll Be Back…

Probably in a day or so…

Surgery is today – late morning – or whenever they get around to me I suppose.

My daughter and grandkids will be at the house by the time I get home from surgery and (terrible Mom that I am) I have already given her a couple chores to do when she gets in.  Sad huh? 

Their travels have been good – the overnight ride on the train has been a wonderful experience for her and the kids.  She said it was great having them contained in a roomette.  Everyone slept well and having a toilet in the room is a must when you travel with kids who never have to ‘go’ at the same time.  My neighbor Mrs. B will pick them up at the train station for us.

I woke up early this morning because they said I could have some clear liquid today if I had it before 6:30 am.  So I did that and then got a shower – not an easy feat but a necessary one.  ‘Cat Baths’ only do so much.  I have ordered a bathtub transfer seat and a hand held shower hose – hopefully they will be in by the end of the week.

My Mug Rug Arrived!  Greenmare from Mare’s Nest had a Mug Rug Give Away to celebrate 300 posts.  Well – sad to say - I didn’t get in to comment on the post – but she took great sympathy on me when I wrecked my knee and sent me one anyway!  Take a look at the picture on her blog – it’s the blue scrappy one at the top left of the picture.  Thanks so MUCH Mare!  You are a sweetie and my Mug Rug will be put to good use during my prison sentence convalescence in this chair.

I’ll see y’all in a day or so…

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Risking the Pink…

When you procrastinate… you risk the PINK!

Huh? you say…


The Engineer ran a load of kitchen towels through the wash yesterday.  What he didn’t know was that the holiday linens in the bottom of that basket I had been holding to wash separately because they were RED.  Oh well – nothing a little bleach and time won’t take care of I suppose… that is what I get for not taking care of it earlier.

The good news is that it was mostly kitchen towels and faux paper towels he washed.  The picture shows the last load I washed (on Monday before the terrible knee incident) and his recent washings all folded now and ready to be put away.  

I can at least still fold laundry.  I figured I needed to get the clean laundry off the bed in the guest room because my daughter and grand kids are on their way.  She has been able to get a military space available flight out of Hawaii early today.  They will be going through San Diego and then on to South Carolina.  She and the kids will then take the train up to Lancaster.  They have Navy friends in SC who will help her and the kids get around and stay the night if that’s what is needed before heading out on the train.

The kids have always traveled well – I hope this trip is no exception.

The Engineer had moved a recliner upstairs for me on Tuesday so that I don’t have to spend all day in bed.  We don’t have a bathroom on the first floor so I have to stay upstairs mostly.  Going up and down the stairs on my hinny isn’t fun or easy.  But the arrangement in our room wasn’t working very well.

Today we rearranged so that I have a little better set up for me to convalesce in.  (and yes that was a royal we… I supervised and suggested where to put things)  I’ve now got my chair over by the windows that face the back yard (south) so there will be lots of sunshine.  I have the deep window ledges to use to keep all my junk important stuff on.  Before the move I kept all my stuff on a folding table next to my chair and when I wanted to go to bed I had to put everything away, fold the table up, and push the chair out of the way.  Now I’ll just go to bed… and leave all my stuff over here.

Another procrastination regret… I never got around to painting this bedroom.  The previous owner had a furnace malfunction and the house filled up with soot.  Although it was supposedly cleaned by the insurance company – it was never painted and so this room still has a very dingy look to the walls. My sister and I washed everything down with bleach when we moved in - so it’s as good as it gets without paint.  All the baseboards had also been removed (we don’t know why)… which we figured we’d replace when we paint… although with my knee problem I’m now beginning to think we’ll have to hire someone to finish all the painting that needs to be done.  Oh well… least of my worries at this point.

Monday afternoon I’ll call to find out my surgery time for Tuesday… I am anxious to get this show on the road.  I am already tired of sitting around and my shoulder is getting a bit annoyed at hauling me around.  I may end up in PT for my shoulder before my knee!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Have A Date!

With a Doctor!

But he’s just gonna fix my knee… so it’s not going to be as much fun as one might imagine… LOL

The Orthopedic Dr. called this morning and we decided that on Tuesday he will poke a couple holes in my knee and fix me up.  Best I can tell you is that the bone where my ACL is attached is broken – and he’s gonna fix it.

Then there will be 6 weeks of immobilization while the bone heals and then PT to get my knee back in action.

All Happy, Healing, Bone Mending Thoughts and Prayers will be Appreciated.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of these things…

Is not like the other…

knee 2

That’s what goes through my head when I look at my knee.  I am in a little less pain directly in the knee tonight (unless I move around) but have more aches in other places now.  Some from the fall and some from the extra effort it takes to get around.  My neighbor brought a walker over for me to use – it’s much easier to get around with that than with the crutches.

This I know… I’m gonna have great abs when I’m done with this nonsense.

I saw the Orthopedic Dr. today and as I expected he said he’d need to see an MRI to determine just how much is damaged.  Although I was able to get in this afternoon for that… I don’t see the Dr. again until a week from Friday.  Apparently he’s got surgeries scheduled between now and then and won’t be in the office.  Hopefully someone will at least look at them and get back with me about what they see. 

So we are in a “Hurry Up and Wait Mode” around here… so tomorrow I’ll start with some hand applique I have to do and I’ve got some knitting to keep me busy. 

I want to say Thank You to all of you who have sent good thoughts my way and are keeping me in your prayers.  I do appreciate all the positive vibes I can get!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Am Not At All Happy…

I was on my way out to run an errand this afternoon.

A bunch of snow had slid off the porch roof and landed on the sidewalk.

So as I stepped down and over the snow…

my left foot slid… left

I went down on my right knee…

while my left leg was still headed left…

a direction it isn’t suppose to go…

then it popped…

and I knew at that point I was pretty well screwed… pardon my language.

I pulled my left leg back in front of me and then laid back on the sidewalk… hoping I’d just wake up in bed and it would have just been a bad dream.

I didn’t, it wasn’t… I tried to stand up and found that I could not put any weight on my left leg.  So I called my neighbor to come over with her cane and help me.  She came and after sliding my hinny along the side walk to her car she took me to the ER.

Nice thing about small towns is the ER’s aren’t usually too busy.  I am back home with something to immobilize my knee/leg, a pair of crutches and a phone number to make an appointment with an orthopedic Dr. tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get in on Wed to see someone to find out just how much I screwed up my ACL.

If I wake up tomorrow and figure out it’s been a dream… I’ll let ya know.

I’ve got my fingers crossed… because I can’t cross my legs…

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Rules…

I have developed a new rule for myself…

No decisions are to be made after dark… at least no quilt making decisions can be made after dark.

I’ve spent each evening this week up in the studio working on several things – one of which was the 4 Patch Stacked Posie I had shown you before.  I had planned to use the border print in that collection as the border.  I had an inner border fabric cut and added to the border print and after putting one side on the quilt (I had planned to miter the corners) – it just looked like it was going to be too much… too heavy… or so I thought at the time… late Thursday evening.  So I whacked it off even with the edges and put a block of inner border fabric in the corners.  It was late Friday afternoon by the time I finished the corner blocks and got the borders all around.

IT LOOKED AWFUL… truly awful.  I took a picture… and it’s so awful I won’t even show you.  (I don’t mind telling how stupid I was – but I’m not going to give you a visual to go with it.)  I sat last night and tried to figure some solutions – and after a couple hours of pondering this that and the other… I got out my seam ripper and took it off.  Already it looks better!  Those who know me know that one of my quilting mantras is… “I haven’t met a border I can’t screw up”.  I am, if nothing else, consistent.

Today when the icy roads melt up – I’ll run out to the shop and pick up another couple yards of border print. 

Other projects… Last weekend I started a table runner out of the recent Kim Diehl’s Simple Graces book.  This picture is with the machine appliqué done (not a great picture) – it is now quilted and I’m stitching the binding down – so another picture will follow at a later date.


Raise your hands if you are tired of winter… yep that’s what I thought… me too.