Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Answer…

I took this picture the other day…

cards 1

…all such sweet and funny cards – each and every one that have come in make me smile!

But all of you quilters will especially appreciate this card…

cards 2

It covers any and all occasions I think…

cards 3

Thank You All for all of the Wonderful Happy Healing Thoughts that have been sent my way via the post office, email, and especially those quick and powerful prayers (I may not hear them – but I feel them)!

The kids were excited that there was some snow on the ground yesterday morning when they awoke.  Or ‘Snowman’ as my grandson calls it… if it’s white and on the ground… it’s ‘snowman’ – not just snow.  So if you follow his logic you will understand that “Granny fell down on snowman and broke her knee”… that’s how he explains it.  They were excited to go out and play in the ‘snowman’.  LOL  It’s really cold so they may get another day or two to play but come Friday it will be raining… and the snow will be gone again.

I laid down on the bed yesterday afternoon about 2 – the little boy came and sat in my prison recliner to watch a little TV while Mom & Keao were doing school lessons online.  He fell asleep… I fell asleep… he woke up later but I stayed and snoozed off and on until 5 PM.  Three Hours!  And I still went to bed at 10 and fell right to sleep.

My granddaughter Keao and I have started reading the Little House series… that should keep us busy for a few months don’t ya think? 

Todays’s plan… maybe I can avoid an afternoon killing nap if I get out some knitting… oh and I hope to have a wheel chair delivered today – I’ve grown tired of using this office chair to scoot around – time for an upgrade!

New wheels should make me feel good don’t ya think?

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smiledarlin said...

I do love that "fabric" card... too cute.
You are lucky to be "trapped" with such good company- they will sure help this time fly by with joyful memories.
Not sure if you have them all- but I have all of the Little House books.
I hope the wheelchair helps.