Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Rules…

I have developed a new rule for myself…

No decisions are to be made after dark… at least no quilt making decisions can be made after dark.

I’ve spent each evening this week up in the studio working on several things – one of which was the 4 Patch Stacked Posie I had shown you before.  I had planned to use the border print in that collection as the border.  I had an inner border fabric cut and added to the border print and after putting one side on the quilt (I had planned to miter the corners) – it just looked like it was going to be too much… too heavy… or so I thought at the time… late Thursday evening.  So I whacked it off even with the edges and put a block of inner border fabric in the corners.  It was late Friday afternoon by the time I finished the corner blocks and got the borders all around.

IT LOOKED AWFUL… truly awful.  I took a picture… and it’s so awful I won’t even show you.  (I don’t mind telling how stupid I was – but I’m not going to give you a visual to go with it.)  I sat last night and tried to figure some solutions – and after a couple hours of pondering this that and the other… I got out my seam ripper and took it off.  Already it looks better!  Those who know me know that one of my quilting mantras is… “I haven’t met a border I can’t screw up”.  I am, if nothing else, consistent.

Today when the icy roads melt up – I’ll run out to the shop and pick up another couple yards of border print. 

Other projects… Last weekend I started a table runner out of the recent Kim Diehl’s Simple Graces book.  This picture is with the machine appliqué done (not a great picture) – it is now quilted and I’m stitching the binding down – so another picture will follow at a later date.


Raise your hands if you are tired of winter… yep that’s what I thought… me too.


Judy said...

My hand is raised. I am ready for open windows. Southampton Quilts' Getaway weekend is in 3 weeks. Spring can't be far behind. Love your table runner Cheryl. It looks beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

milymKim is going to be the speaker/teacher at our next quilt show. Road trip?

Anonymous said...

I fogot to say I love your table runner as well, but was anxious to tell you about Kim. Ignore the word verification letters, I guess I forgot to move the bar to the right place!

Anonymous said...

Back again,
I had that problem with my Vintage Valentine quilt, made the binding out of the backing (last minute) to get it to the quilters and have her put it on after the she finished quilting it. Quilt finished and she calls and says it won't work, and I agreed with her as I had little doubts about it myself. It was a beautiful floral with spaces here and there, breaking the vision and the pink not strong enough.


Nancy said...

Wonderful job at applique!! But really won't you share the awful border picture....please!!