Sunday, February 13, 2011

Risking the Pink…

When you procrastinate… you risk the PINK!

Huh? you say…


The Engineer ran a load of kitchen towels through the wash yesterday.  What he didn’t know was that the holiday linens in the bottom of that basket I had been holding to wash separately because they were RED.  Oh well – nothing a little bleach and time won’t take care of I suppose… that is what I get for not taking care of it earlier.

The good news is that it was mostly kitchen towels and faux paper towels he washed.  The picture shows the last load I washed (on Monday before the terrible knee incident) and his recent washings all folded now and ready to be put away.  

I can at least still fold laundry.  I figured I needed to get the clean laundry off the bed in the guest room because my daughter and grand kids are on their way.  She has been able to get a military space available flight out of Hawaii early today.  They will be going through San Diego and then on to South Carolina.  She and the kids will then take the train up to Lancaster.  They have Navy friends in SC who will help her and the kids get around and stay the night if that’s what is needed before heading out on the train.

The kids have always traveled well – I hope this trip is no exception.

The Engineer had moved a recliner upstairs for me on Tuesday so that I don’t have to spend all day in bed.  We don’t have a bathroom on the first floor so I have to stay upstairs mostly.  Going up and down the stairs on my hinny isn’t fun or easy.  But the arrangement in our room wasn’t working very well.

Today we rearranged so that I have a little better set up for me to convalesce in.  (and yes that was a royal we… I supervised and suggested where to put things)  I’ve now got my chair over by the windows that face the back yard (south) so there will be lots of sunshine.  I have the deep window ledges to use to keep all my junk important stuff on.  Before the move I kept all my stuff on a folding table next to my chair and when I wanted to go to bed I had to put everything away, fold the table up, and push the chair out of the way.  Now I’ll just go to bed… and leave all my stuff over here.

Another procrastination regret… I never got around to painting this bedroom.  The previous owner had a furnace malfunction and the house filled up with soot.  Although it was supposedly cleaned by the insurance company – it was never painted and so this room still has a very dingy look to the walls. My sister and I washed everything down with bleach when we moved in - so it’s as good as it gets without paint.  All the baseboards had also been removed (we don’t know why)… which we figured we’d replace when we paint… although with my knee problem I’m now beginning to think we’ll have to hire someone to finish all the painting that needs to be done.  Oh well… least of my worries at this point.

Monday afternoon I’ll call to find out my surgery time for Tuesday… I am anxious to get this show on the road.  I am already tired of sitting around and my shoulder is getting a bit annoyed at hauling me around.  I may end up in PT for my shoulder before my knee!


Barbara said...

Cheryl.......keep your spirit up and don't loose your sense of humor !

smiledarlin said...

Sure he didn't do this for Valentine's Day?
Glad you have a better setup for the recovery times ahead...
I still remember how to paint.... just let me know when ya wanna.
I hope you get the early time for surgery.

Judy said...

Hang in there Cheryl! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Lori said...

DH did the laundry once for me--I was in the hospital and requested my maroon velour housecoat. Yup, he washed that in hot water with his white jockeys. We were poor---he had to wear those pink underwear until they wore out. My mother DISCRETELY asked if he was (whispering to me) *pink* undies! We still laugh about that.

Get the wheel chair. It kept me sane, I could cut, sew, and iron by twirling in a circle--something you CAN'T do with a walker and standing on one leg.