Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Medicine…

My daughter and grandkids arrived Tuesday while I was at the Surgery Center.  Kara said that the kids spent a few minutes hugging on the dog Kara-Kai 2-11Toot and then Kai asked for his boots!  The boy loves his boots!  Had to have his boots.


But if he doesn’t have his boots on – he’s barefoot.  And he usually makes a big production of taking the socks off and throwing them on the floor… he’s such a boy!  LOL



This child – my favorite oldest granddaughter – stood out in the cold holding the screen door open so I could hobble inside after my surgery Tuesday.

Keao 2-11


I took these pictures using the ToonCamera App. 

Here is Keao when she came to snuggle with me in bed Wednesday morning.





And here is the boy snuggling with his Granny in my prison recliner.

G-Kai 2-11

It’s hard to hold the ipod and touch the screen to take the picture – but not as hard as it is to get a picture of the boy when he’s standing… talk about a wiggle worm!  LOL

The surgery on Tuesday went well – I was very happy with the Surgery Center – very professional.  I actually had a conversation with the Anesthesiologists – not the hi, bye you usually get from them.

Anyhoo – my ACL did get a couple stitches to pull together a small tear and then where the ACL broke away from the bone it was screwed back down into place.  Six weeks to allow the bone to heal and then the PT will start. 

I slept the rest of Tuesday waking up long enough to take more pain meds and eat a small meal.  I couldn’t believe I could sleep that much. 

My son called during that time to check in on me… and this is his Facebook entry about it…

“Discovered a great new game the whole family can play. It's called Talk to your mom when she is on Percocet and see how many times you get her to say "Wait, What?"

Twit!  LOL  It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the one who as a teenager promised to take care of me in my old age… he said “I’ll get you a bed by the window!”  What more could I want?

So here we are on Friday… I actually started typing this post on Thursday but got sidetracked by naps and such. The swelling has gone down – my only real problem right now is that the bandaging has shifted and the stitches are being tugged and pull – very pricky feeling.  I can’t tell you how annoying that feeling is.  I put a call into the Dr.’s office – hopefully they’ll tell me I can pull this stuff off and what to put on over the stitches to protect them.

My youngest and her fella are coming in over this long weekend to visit… the kids are so excited to see her!  Me too!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you keeping your sense of humor. I also love the pictures, the last two especially have an abstract quality somewhat like a illustrator's poster style. Really a great look to reproduce in a wall hanging, in your spare time.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Bet I know at least ONE place that son of yours got his sense of humor!!
I know you're still in pain and taking lots of naps, but you sound wonderful. Now switching my prayers to prayers for uneventful healing for you. Enjoy your family!! Eve

Anonymous said...

You sound good, hopefully you will good too. Being surrounded by family is good medicine too. Take care, hugs Elaine

MLH said...

Glad your kids have come to brighten your days ahead and everything went ok with your surgery .
The G- Kids have grown so much ! Wow ! Tell Kaeo I said hi !

The pics are great ! I'll bet the kids got a kick out of them .
Take care and hopefully you will be able to get some EQ in or keep us up to date !
Thinking of you and sending love and healing thoughts

smiledarlin said...

I was sure glad to come by and sit a spell with y'all. Nice to see you doing good- for being stuck in the chair... Those kids can't help but cheer you up... they are too cute.

Anonymous said...

I am just reading about your misfortune tonight. That had to have hurt. Sure glad you have a neighbor that is so helpful.

I cannot get over how much Miss K has grown. How old is she now? Love the pictures.

Take care. Enjoy the kids. Glad they could come. Keep us posted on your recovery.


Greenmare said...

glad you are back in the land of the living! percocet is pretty interesting isn't it? ;-) good day here to be inside, we got the driveway cleared and it promptly blew shut which I took to be a sign that V and I should stay home. ;-)

May said...

Hey Lady, Think you're doing pretty good so far, those beautiful grandkids really are The Bewst Medicine for you. Mega Hugs, May