Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tap, Tap, Tap... Y'all Still Here?

Oh my... more than 6 months... so much has happened... and there is more to come!

Just a quick update from last August.

We released our dog from her misery... hardest thing we have done... ever.  We are truly an empty nest for the first time in our lives.  And just thinking about it now makes me want to cry again... and believe me when I say we both cried buckets full for several weeks - and then a few more.

My in-laws house: I got it cleaned. I got it cleaned out.  I sent all the stuff off with with an auction house... and they sent my MIL a check.  Could not have been easier - well easier than a tag sale! Then we got the inside painted and the carpet cleaned and then it was put on the market the end of October.  It sold and we closed the beginning of March.  Glad that is done!

Late October I joined my daughter in Germany for 6 weeks while she had surgery!  We enjoyed our visit together and took advantage of our being in Europe and made a side trip to Paris!  I would quickly go back to Germany... I loved it there!

The holiday's were very quiet as I had just returned home... and had no energy for anything else.  Those couple weeks of rest and quiet were more important that I knew.

The new year brought a new job for my husband (standard for a contractor to change jobs every 1.5 to 2 years).  This will be a longer term job and because of that we began looking for a change of address to position us closer to his work.

Which has led us to today... just a few days away from closing on a new (to us) house.

My brain is at best... scrambled eggs!

Fortunately we can have some overlap between the two houses... which will allow us to move out of this one and into that one and then get this one cleaned up and fixed up and put on the market.  I feel like all I've done over the past year is clean, organize, pack and move.

Just another month or two and I hope to be back here on a more regular basis... if anyone is still here listening to me talk out loud!

One picture to share... I bought a hat while in Paris!  What do you think?