Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New and Improved…

Well OK… not improved… but new none the less.

Hmmmm…. ?

When I started Live Writer just now to write a post it said there was a problem the last time it shut down and I could recover what I had lost…? OK…

So the New and Improved title was there as well as that first sentence…

I have no earthly idea where I was going with that.  Truly not a clue what I was referring to…

Today I also picked up a small bottle of spray (unlabeled) and couldn’t remember what or why I had mixed it up… again not a clue.  I vaguely remember putting the bottle there with a mental note to label it.  I guess I should have used a Sharpie for that mental note.  I know I was making up a bunch of other stuff (that I promptly labeled) but this bottle… nope.  I can smell that it’s got some Lavender in it – but I have a Lavender Spray I use upstairs so I wouldn’t need another.  But it has more than Lavender in it… I’m just not sure what…

As I’m sitting here pondering… I don’t remember mixing anything and yet this bottle has stuff in it… I wonder… let me check something…

OK – I’m not crazy (well - yeah I know that’s debatable).  It’s some of the First Aid Spray I made up… has Lavender, Cypress, and Melaleuca alternifolia.  I wanted a bottle for down here in the kitchen.  OK - y’all are in charge of remembering that… LOL  At least until I get a label made.

Things have been busy here…

I’ve been working (not nearly hard enough I think) at getting my in-laws house cleared out and ready to sell.  A decision has to be made on the furniture – and as much as I hate garage sales (I’d rather run naked up the highway) it might just be the best way to move what little they have.  Nothing special, nothing name brand, but the couch is new and the rest of it is gently used.  She also has one of those riding mobility carts that she never rode.  It’s a heavy duty one for outdoors – my FIL got it for my MIL so she could go out and get the mail – but she was afraid of it and never… NEVER used it.  Still has tags hanging off it.  Maybe I should check out Craigs List?  I’ve just never done that kinda stuff before… so ughhh!  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

I did get most everything boxed up and sorted at the house… I had someone come out to clean the windows that hadn’t been opened in probably 20 years! The landscaping has been done and looks great – I just have to go around and kill the Canadian Thistle that keeps popping up.  A new dishwasher was installed and other plumbing fixed.  We have someone scheduled to come out to topcoat the driveway.  And I have someone all set to paint when we are ready… it’s kinda like moving… but not.

Kara and the kids came… and went all too quickly!  Wonderful visit with her and the kids.  We mostly hung out here at the house but the kids did get to go to a friends house and ride a horse.  Great adventure – even the little guy got to ride.  They also spent some time out in the shop with Pops doing some simple woodworking which they enjoyed, and we did some cooking together in the kitchen.

Trip to Lauras (1)

Here is a silly picture I took while we were waiting for the train for their trip home.  They booked a sleeper for the ride home – left out of Wilmington just after 5 pm and got into Charleston, SC right around 5 AM.  Love the train! 

Train station (1)

Our dog has been suffering from some sort of Kidney failure… not sure what kicked it off at the beginning of the summer but after a 2 night stay in the hospital getting fluids, special dog food, many checkup trips to the Vets,  essential oils to support kidney function, and lots of love and attention… she still has problems with her kidneys.  No we never did the $$$ ultrasound – because what ever it would show she’s 16… and has lived a good long life, a fairly healthy long life until now. 


After her 2 days at the hospital getting fluids and a second round of antibiotics she was starving again – I had to mix a can of green beans in with her can of KD dog food and for several weeks that was spectacular.  Then she decided she didn’t like the green beans so we stopped those… and she was eating less again.  Then she didn’t like that food (WHAT – I still have a case and a half) and now she doesn’t like the ‘best sounding with the most natural ingredients in it’ dog food we had been giving her as a little treat to supplement.  The old cookie bones are of no interest… so we picked up new cookie bones and yesterday I cooked up some hamburger & potatoes that she’s liking so far.  But she won’t take any of her pills (She has been on Glucosamine & Chondroitin for about 10 years and that has kept her mobile with no aches and pains.) and that means all her old age aches and pains are starting to bother her – her back legs gave out earlier today.  We have fluids to give her under the skin – but the last time we did that it didn’t seem to improve her much… so… I made an appointment for Thursday – you know… that ‘last appointment’.  I’ve been waffling today – called and changed the appointment to next Tuesday and when I walked in to check on her she I found that she had thrown up on her bed.  So I called back – apologized for being crazy and reset my appointment for Thursday… tomorrow.  I know it is the right thing to do.

I haven’t been doing any sewing since the retreat… but I have swap blocks to make so it’s on my agenda.  My daughter did ask where I was on Keanu’s quilt.  ‘The beginning’ I told her… but then she wanted to see… so I had to explain that I meant the beginning as in I hadn’t started yet.  So there is that to do.  He’s 3… I need to get it done! started!

I’ve been researching and using Essential Oils for us here at home.  I’ve been very intrigued and have found that I can spend hours reading over things.  We’ve got a few things that have significantly helped my husband with his aches and pains, and a few things that I use to help with sleep, my knee, my mood, and to motivate me on those days I’d just as well sit and do nothing.  I am even considering getting certified in Aromatherapy… but that would happen down the road because I just don’t have the 240+ hours it would take right now.  In the mean time I’m enjoying learning and starting to share what I’ve learned.  Another time I’ll tell y’all what we are doing and how it has helped… but right now… I need to end this rambling, never ending babble and get some other things done… like make a label. LOL

Friday, August 1, 2014

Look Who’s Riding the Train…

And coming to visit Granny and Pop’s!


I pick them up in Wilmington tonight!

Last minute decision (Tuesday) for them to come up for a week to visit before school starts for them.  So it’s been a busy couple days to get organized for them to be here – good thing they are coming right after my Mini-Retreat… the house is already mostly clean and organized! LOL  Just a few kid proofing/prepping things to do and we are all set.