Monday, August 23, 2010

Being Exhausted is No Excuse…

I sure wish I could get away with saying “I’m Exhausted” and then just doing nothing… like my digital camera.

I wanted to get a picture of a brown butterfly out in the garden but it said ‘Battery Exhausted’ on the screen and then shut itself down.

A ‘big sigh’ would have been a nice annoying touch…

Anyway – here’s the best I could do with my phone… which seems to need to have it’s lens cleaned I think.

IMG00554 IMG00552 IMG00553

Haven’t a clue what it is - it’s just a purdy rich brown butterfly with yellow and blue spots!

Should have been sewing some today but did some cleaning; picked tomatoes and then went to the grocery store.  Then I put on a crock pot of Beef Stew and another one of Chili. 

Sad news is neither of them was ready for dinner…  Kitchen sure smells good though. 

We had nachos for dinner – a quick easy no work kinda meal.  Although it did taste a little like beef stew… LOL


Anonymous said...

Love your butterfly. Miss you!

Elaine, NJ said...

We have them on our butterfly bush too, maybe their Monarch's? Elaine