Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being Prepared…

You know the planning for a long flight to Hawaii takes a bit of thought.

I wanted to be comfortable – so I choose to wear a pair of black light weight knit work out pants, a sleeveless top and a long sleeve very, very light weight knit cardigan.  Because my left foot is still a bit swollen my slip on shoes were the perfect choice.

I charged all my electronic devices, updated my iPod, downloaded a book to read, downloaded a book to listen to, and brought along a Sudoku book and mechanical pencil.

I was all set…

Until the lens fell out of my glasses…

Is it some sort of twisted evil plan that makes an eyeglass manufacturer design glasses that have the screw holding the lens in place inserted from the bottom up?  What’s with that?

And so about an hour into my 9 hour flight… I couldn’t see to read my book or play any games on my iPod.  I could play Sudoku in the book I brought but couldn’t see my little number notes in the corners of the blocks.  I did listen to my audio book – but that made me sleepy and I had to keep backing up the story.

So I decided to sit and Ponder for awhile… then I remembered the extra pair of reading glasses I had packed in with my makeup bag.

Mental note:  Pack an eyeglass repair kit for the next long trip.

Any frustration over my glasses was quickly resolved upon arrival.

The little boy being a little boy…

Kai shopping

A very happy big sister…

Keao baby

Keanu sleepingAnd a laundry helper that seems to be sleeping on the job!


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful family and your grand daughter resembles you a lot!
Enjoy and glad to see you're up & able to go.