Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vintage Fan...

As we were poking around at Antique places this past weekend I ran across this old quilt.  These pictures just don't do it justice.


It sure was purdy!!


I wish I had unfolded it more to see how the other edges were finished... but once I saw the price tag of $175 - I knew I wasn't going to buy it.  So I snapped these couple pics with my cell phone figuring I'd draw it up in EQ...

Since I didn't pay attention to how the edges on the other side were finished - I'm guessing they rounded those squares off... it just didn't look right if I left the corners on them.

Here is what I can figure out in EQ...

Vintage Fan 02

I've used a light yellow in place of the muslin/white so that it would show up and I used one color throughout the small center curves where the original has several colors.

Another one of those 'one day' quilts... you know... one day I'd like to make this!

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