Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Have Nice Highlights...

or so my sister Darlin' said last week.

She wanted to know if I'd had my hair highlighted?

Nope Sure I do it myself.  It's just the grey that naturally grows there I use platinum blond and highlight it strand by strand. 

I can't find someone to cut my hair the way I like it... I'm certainly not inclined to pay more money to go messing with streaking it with colors.

Besides she thinks it looks really natural... LOL


Gizmo said...

And nobody knows it's NOT natural -- unless you tell them. ;)

Bon said...

I have lots of those highlights. More all the time. LOL

Boopie said...

I think you need to come for a (hair cut ) visit !
It's been waayyy too long !

I pay to get my highlights removed ! LOL !