Friday, May 1, 2009

My Wagon is Draggin...

...and it's gonna spend a good bit of time parked on the couch this weekend!

I feel like I've been running at 70 MPH for days and days and... oh wait... I have been!

At the end of Feb:

  • I traveled to Dallas, TX - 2,800 miles RT (round trip)
  • While in TX I averaged 2 trips a week from Dallas to FW or Weatherford (approx. 120 miles round trip x 12 trips) - 1,400 miles total

After returning from TX in early April:

  • I took my Niece to NJ to finish her quilt - 158 miles RT
  • Met my SIL in Baltimore to return my Niece (we met half way for both of us) 200 miles RT
  • To Philly to pick up my youngest daughter at the Train Station - side trip to NJ to visit my NJ sister and then back to Philly to pick up The Engineer at the Airport  - 172 miles RT
  • Another trip to the Airport - 138 miles RT
  • And again to the Train Station - 122 miles RT
  • Trip to VA for a family event - 400 miles RT
  • Another trip to VA - 400 miles RT
  • yet another trip to the Philly Airport - 138 miles RT

...and of course there are all the little side trips to antique shops with my SIL and quilt shops with my sister, and classes I've taught at the quilt shop... farmers market and errands.

One trip I do need to make is to get my oil changed - again... I had it done before I left for TX... and then before I headed back to PA... and now it's due again!

I'll be back later this weekend to announce the winner of the 'Faux Paper Towels'...

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Bon said...

At the rate you've been running, you will soon need new tires. Good thing you don't mind driving.