Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stash Report #20 & Shop Hop Report

I had the opportunity this week to visit with a quilty friend Bon who was on the east coast visiting a friend of hers.  They came out for a day... a glorious sunny day of Shop Hopping... as that is what quilters do best isn't it?

But - what do you do if the quilters friend isn't a quilter?  She is a sewer but not a quilter and we wouldn't want her to be totally bored.

You add Antique Shops in as you go through the day!

We all found great little useful things at all the places we stopped... and 7 yards of fabric followed me home...  OK yes - I did in fact pay for it to follow me home.


2 yards of black on white polk-a-dot.  I love Dots!  One of these days I want to just use dot fabrics to make a quilt... Big Dots, Little Dots, Colorful Dots... there's lots of dots to use. 

Kai sitting


The other 5 yards ($2.29 a yard) is an ocean fish print for the back of my grandsons quilt... who is waiting patiently for his Granny to finish his quilt.  Look he's practicing sitting up. 

Isn't he a cutie!!


I think that without this Stashbusting report every week I'd have a lot more fabric following me home... stuff I just wanted because - well you know... just because!  I don't get all those 'just because' fabrics - I do still buy things that will go with a collection I already have started, western prints, florals, and B&W's... and I'm more conservative than I use to be with those.

So Thanks Judy L  for helping us keep an eye on the fabric bottom line...


Lori in South Dakota said...

the bottom line, it's all about the bottom line! Buying (mostly) what we need, not what we "think" we might use! But a few impulse purchases, well, that's necessary too!

Boopie said...

I was going to ask when you were going to post a pic of that sweet little guy and here it is !
He's ADRORABLE !!!!!

I can't wait to see his quilt . You better get moving on it !
I heard you had a great time and didn't buy any antique sewing machines. ( * )
a few yards of fabric is behving for you !
I went up to your old place of employment the other day and talked to the owner about how much we miss you !

Bon said...

My friend and I had a great time with you the other day. Thanks for being such a wonderful guide. It sure was great seeing you again. We visited with ElaineNJ on Thursday. Antiquing -- no quilt shops around.
That little guy is just adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Kai sure can't wait for his quilt! But he is using Keao and mine and he loves them! He get all excited when I put him on the floor!

p.s. he loves dots too! hint, hint;)

love ya!