Saturday, May 9, 2009

Working and Making Work...

Did I tell y'all I've been buying plants?spring flowers

I've had a wonderful time checking out the local farm stands and greenhouses.

But before I can plant these.... I have to clear out weeds...5-09-09 004

This is the driveway side of the house.

I have lots of weeds!


5-09-09 006


Lots and lots of weeds...




And a few small stumps too...IMG00352


This digging stuff is hard work!

I had to work real hard to get this loose...




It had one root that really gave me a hard time...



Yes... I found out that that's not really a root.





I figured it out when I lifted it up with the shovel and it pulled up over to the electrical box... ooops! 

Bad news is that I did nick through to the copper wire - Good News is that the Arc Fault Circuit Breaker tripped and cut off the power... .IMG00348








I made a temporary repair so that I can put the power back on... this outlet powers the pond.   The Engineer will fix this next weekend... and hopefully make it so that I can't dig it up again.

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