Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day Weekend...

I had a fun weekend... well outside of the whole digging up the electric wire thing... LOL

The weather was wonderful - especially Sunday - beautiful blue skies and a crisp wind - not to be confused with a gentle breeze... I had to take down one of my hanging plants on the porch - it was being abused by the wind.  I do love to throw open windows on days like this and change out the air in the house.  Fresh Air? I got it!

Did you know that I live in an area that boasts to be the Antiques Capital of the USA?  There are a couple dozen antique markets/shops/malls/co-ops and outside venues hosting more than 3,000 vendors... all within a few miles of me.

I'm not much into fancy stuff... and I'm not interested in accumulating stuff I don't really need.  But I enjoy poking around and seeing what I can come up with.

Here are my treasures from today...Shopping 5-10 002

Clockwise from the bottom left... a vintage Cherry Stoner, an enamel pail with a small pour spout, a hammered aluminum covered dish with a 1.5 qt. oven dish, a pickle dish with a hammered aluminum cover, and a pretty little bowl with a scalloped edge.  I spent a total of 40 dollars... and had lots of fun checking out Pine Hill Antique Mall - a place I hadn't been to before.

And I got stuff I'll enjoy using...Shopping 5-10 019

I haven't seen an enamel piece like this before and it's in great shape so it will get regular use in my kitchen.


Shopping 5-10 006

My sister in law recently introduced me to vintage hammered aluminum ware.

I thought this pickle dish was sweet!  I want some gherkins!

 Shopping 5-10 011

Nice little casserole dish - check out the flower bud for a knob on the lid... how cute is that?



Shopping 5-10 007


This is a 'Sandwich pattern scalloped edge bowl'... I don't know what all that is suppose to mean.  I just liked it and will enjoy using it.


Shopping 5-10 020


I'll be interested to see how well it works... I've got 3 cherry trees that should be ripe late June and early July.


poking around 005Oh and these little doll beds - I saw them on Saturday over at Shupps Grove. 

Wouldn't they be cute with little quilts on them?  I didn't bring them home... but I could go back... maybe next weekend.

It would be easy to make a little mattress stuffed with leftover batting... LOL like I need something else to do.

But they would be cute... don't ya think?


Boopie said...

Nice !!! finds
Just stay away from those vintage sewing machines ! LOL !

kayse said...

ha ha ha !!! at least im no the only one tellin you to stay away from those things! lol.. I do like the new dishes tho! :)