Tuesday, April 14, 2009

156... and other stuff...

That's how many new posts were listed in my Google Reader... guess I'm a bit behind on my blog reading.

I had been trying to keep up while in Texas - even if I wasn't writing post I was trying to keep up with the blogs I read... certainly more entertaining than the newspaper.

I have barely opened my computer since I left Texas a week ago Monday... but today while waiting for my niece Tatty to quilt her quilt - I thought I'd use my waiting time to catch up. 

Here's my niece getting started... I'll add finished pictures another time.... lovely quilt but an even lovelier niece!

tays quilt 3Look at what a nice job she is doing!  She played with two practice passes before her other Aunt loaded her quilt up... she's a pro at 14!

tays quilt

Of course there was the threading problem... but she didn't rethread the machine when the thread broke... so her Aunt Darlin' was helping her pick it out.  Not a lot to take out because Tatty knew something wasn't right and stopped... tays quilt 2

These pics are from my phone... quickest way to get them online is to email them to myself - but the quality is only so so.

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