Friday, August 15, 2008

We had a Blast here today...

Really we did... and we do several times a week!

No - not the "Gee that was a Blast!" kind of thing - but the "Wow that was a Blast" as in 'sirens in the background, pause, BOOM, rumble, rumble' kind of thing.

Actually it's not right here at the Stone House - it's just beyond the next road over... at the Quarry.

I was happy to learn of the Quarry the other day as it 'splains that strange boom/rumble I've heard/felt around here every once in a while.  I never put it together with the siren off in the distance because our town has a volunteer fire dept and hearing a siren is a regular part of life here at the Stone House.

I am also happy to know I'm not crazy... well - um, not so's you'd notice anyway.


noble pig said...

Well yes, that wold explain everything.

Anonymous said...

You've been listening to those voices in your head, again, haven't you, Cheryl??!! Tsk Tsk

Up here, we hear what sounds like big gun shots, from the road across the street. (within city limits) Come to find out, we, now, know when a new hunting dog training session is "happenin!"

Anonymous said...

That "sounds" like oh so much fun! At the very least you know the house is built on one solid foundation, if it's withstood all that for years.


smiledarlin said...

It's like when I talked to friends back in OK... I tell them I am near Philly and the ask if I hear gunfire.
I say yep... EVERY weekend and sometime during the week.
I am 1 block from a gun club. BUT you can hear it in the background if I am on the phone outside.

Kelsey said...

haha I totally get it now;)