Monday, August 4, 2008

The Many Men in My Life... (part 1)

I've been spending my days with a lot of men recently... something I wish I didn't have to admit to y'all but it has been necessary here at our Stone House.

Of course you know the Main Man in my life is The Engineer... and with his being a virtual employee he's around all day... every day!  It is his hard work that provides this wonderful slate roof over my head and the beautiful red sandstone walls that surround us - even if that hard work is accomplished as he sits in the cool breeze on the side porch with his computer on his lap.  Tough life huh?

Since we bought the house it's been a virtual revolving door here with all these men.  First I get to I talk to them on the phone, they come over to visit, we end most conversations by talking about money, they leave and then they will come and go - in and out of the Stone House... often I'll have several men here at the same time.

Over the next few days I'll introduce you to them...

First there was the Electrician - and he begot several younger electricians to do his bidding and labor.  They spent a couple days here - upgrading the electric service from 60 AMPS to 200 AMPS.  They had more work to do inside so they came and went again this past week untangling the mess that is the electrical service in the kitchen - I love it when men look confused...  we had plenty of wacky wiring to keep them guessing most of the day. 

The Key Man came and re-keyed doors and installed some deadbolts on others... and now one key opens everything!  Front, back, side, upstairs porch and garage... let me tell you he was worth his weight in keys for sure.  My key ring has a car key and ONE house key!  WooHoo!


noble pig said...

Sounds like you are getting a lot done! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Reading your posts and as much as I am loving your Stone House, you make me soooooooooo glad that we built our house, ourselves. Thank God for dh's that are electricians, plumbers, burnermen, and all around handy guy with tools. I cannot wait to darken your doorstep, Cheryl!!!! (How about in Sept.?