Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Many Men in My Life (part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post I've been spending a great deal of time with a wide variety of men...

Let me tell you about a couple more...

I kept a couple Cement Men in my basement one week - they came really early on a Saturday and carried buckets and buckets and buckets of dirt away.  I'm talking those big 5 gallon buckets - 2 each filled with dirt and rocks - up and down those basement stairs.  They returned a few days later and filled the empty area with stones... and then they brought cement!  My 'cold cellar' - all 10 ft. by 11 ft. of it - is now a part of the rest of the basement perfectly ready and willing to provide much needed storage space.  One important feature we had them put in this new space is a pit for a sump pump... all they had to do was dig the pit and it filled with water... and later when it rained it filled with more water... and later when it rained even harder... it overflowed... and then The Engineer installed the sump pump he had bought a few days earlier... a day late - but no real harm done.  Just proved the point that it was necessary.  Those were all really nice hard working young men - it was hot and humid when they were here and they kept a positive happy attitude as they went about their labors.  Goodness knows I got tired watching them!

Another man whom I must admit I do indeed love is the Floor Guy who refinished our wood floors.  He was here for 2 solid weeks and oh my goodness did he do a lovely job - he even scraped back behind the pipes for the radiators.  He used equipment with HEPA filters so the dust was a bare, bare minimum.  As long as someone didn't write in it you'd hardly notice it was there... LOL  Although I love the idea of a man vacuuming... his heavy duty, strap it on your back kinda vacuum had a high pitch squeal to it that just about drove me nuts!  Although it was bad when he was working on the second story... it was awful when he was working here on the first floor as there was no place to hide.  I suffered through it by running as many errands as I could get away with and now - my floors look marvelous!


noble pig said...

I'm actually jealous because I would love to have all these men around doing work and fixing everything up...I would love a good ole' fashion renovation right now!

smiledarlin said...

"If you can write your name in the dust- ain't an education a wonderful thing"
Red Skelton

Those guys did a wonderful job in the basement and the floors are super... and I am not a hardwood floor gal... but those are BEAUTIFUL!!
Great guys you have had there!!