Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Got that over with...

Since our move here in June of last year I had yet to find a Family Doctor to tend our miscellaneous aging medical issues.  Well I finally stopped putting it off and made an appointment.

Tuesday was my day and it was actually kinda funny.  Since I needed a complete physical and Pap I scheduled to have them both done at the same time - I mean why make two trips. 

The Doc came in apologizing for having to 'meet' under these circumstances -- you know the Pap exam.  I had to laugh because if you remember back in the summer I had a hard time finding a dentist and commented then that a GYN Doc would be easier for me to locate.  I told this guy that and he laughed and agreed that as a new resident himself it was hard to find a dentist.

Do you want to know what was the worst part of the whole visit... stepping up on that scale!  Uuuugh... no that was me not the scale... I didn't like what it said - expected it - but didn't like it one little bit!

Anyway... I've got a fist full of tests to schedule to figure out just where I am in this falling apart aging process.  Blood work, Mammo, bone density and finally a stress test so that I can get off my hiney and focus on some serious exercise to take some of this weight off.


tami said...

Yuck. I have to find one too and get that taken care of. Not my idea of a fun day.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I have been working through the same slow process too. Doc visits, test, blood work...yuck!

Bon said...

I'm rooting for you on this weight loss trip. You can do it. I did.