Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Travel Journal... Day 1

Well Day 1 was fast and furious and in the end I had no Internet access that night...

I got the dogs groomed early Monday morning, had the oil changed in my car and had the state inspection done - it would be due in March... and I won't be there... so I'm early this time.  (Truth be told I've never been early - I've always been a month late - shhh don't tell - cuz it adds up over time!  I lived in MA 26 years... I figure I got 2 free years.)

Anyhoo... after packing up I finally left home at 3:30... about 2 hours after I had wanted but that's just how it worked out.  My house is a wreck... you see in deciding last minute to leave early in the week - I shortchanged my 'clean my house' time.  But you know... I'm in no danger of any of that dust or clutter going anywhere... and those clean sheets I didn't fold aren't libel to jump into the linen closet nor will that basket of folded towels or clothes put them selves away.  I take comfort in knowing they will be there waiting for me.  I have a very patient house.  At least I got everything washed.  But boy did I make clutter as I packed and then when I figured out that there wasn't enough room to take my sewing machine and sewing stuff with me... I just took it all back into the house and left it in the dining room.  No way was I hauling that crap my stuff my treasured belongings back to the third floor - it was bad enough I hauled it all out to the car and tried to make it fit.  Mercy me it was some kind of cold - the wind was howling on Monday - 13 degrees with the wind chill..... Bbbbrrrrrr!  Not a good day to be packing a car.

Day one ended late but the dogs had traveled well, the weather was good and the traffic for the most part was light.

Oh and just a note to that little silver car that cut in front of me right at the ramp getting on the turnpike... did you tell that State Police officer you were just in a hurry??  I saw you talking to him down the road... I waved - but I don't think you saw me... LOL

And to that VA State Police officer sitting just shy of my final exit last night... I'm glad you weren't looking for folks going 6 miles over the limit right then.  I was just passing that stupid little car that was holding me and a ton of trucks behind me hostage in the fast lane at 59 miles an hour up hill and down hill and.... well you probably couldn't have pulled out anyway with the conga line of trucks I was leading past that little pokie car!

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