Saturday, February 21, 2009

Souper Saturday... Lobster Anyone?

Cathy over at The Noble Pig posted a Lobster Bisque recipe New Years Eve that you could almost smell it looked so good!  If you haven't check out her blog... you should go.  There is a variety of things going on... she's following her dream to start a vineyard - a process she's sharing on her blog... she shares wine information and doesn't make you feel foolish for not knowing already... she posts wonderful recipes... and is just fun to follow.

I plan to make the Lobster Bisque when my daughter comes to visit.  My plan is that she'll love it and will want to stay for months and months so I can enjoy my grand kids.  I especially want hold and cuddle my new Little Turkey who is actually being Christened this weekend in Hawaii.

And speaking of grand kids... little Miss K called me this week.

Her:  Hi Granny, do you want to hear a knock knock joke?

Me: Sure

Her: Knock, Knock

Me: Who's there

Her: Granny

Me: Granny Who

Her: Granny You Who! HA, Ha, ha, ha, ha....

Gotta love Knock Knock jokes from a 4 year old!  LOL

I later learned from her Mom that they were on a walk and Miss K was driving her nuts just yaking and yaking away and going on and on with silly nonsense jokes... having listened to all she could she suggested that Miss K call Granny!  LOL

Review of Nutrisystem meals:

Zesty Cajun Style Chicken and Sausage with Brown Rice:  This was tasty and I enjoyed it.

Hearty Beef Stew:  Also good enough to satisfy with a bit of my red/black pepper blend & garlic power.  I did also add in some extra beef as I haven't felt like I'm getting enough protein.  I cooked up a lean steak earlier in the week and have been adding in an ounce or two to meals through the week. 

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