Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Travel Journal Day 2...

I am happy to report that it's pretty easy to travel with older dogs who don't mind napping all day!  LOL  I made sure that they had plenty of room in the car and they seem to be happy campers.

My only problem is getting the older one in and out of the car.  She has problems with her shoulders and hips and can't jump up or down... think crash landing!  Poor girl - and she hates it when I pick her up to move her up or down.  When I get to TX I'm going to have to shop for a ramp... another thing that didn't get done because I left early.

I had a nice travel day today and boy do I love driving in Tennessee!  Gotta love their 70 miles per hour speed limit!

I laughed all day thinking about the sign for  "Frozen Head State Park".  Such a silly name!

Well I've got to go take the girls out one last time... then I'm climbing in my jammies and will probably knit for awhile to numb my brain up a bit.

Tomorrow... Texas here we come!

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Anonymous said...

My older dog-12 years old-a Corgie was also having trouble getting up -was lifting her in the car, etc. Took her in for her annunal shots, told the vet about her stifness-he has given her a shot once a week and now once a month and you cannot believe the change in her--medecine is called Adequan. Hugs, Bobbie