Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mmmm What to Say?

I dunno... I'm having one of those mornings.

One of those mornings where you have tons of things to do that it just seems overwhelming... wait just a sec I gotta get my second cup of coffee....

OK... now I'm good... but I have no idea where the gnat came from that was doing a back stroke in my coffee???  He's now enjoying the lazy river "drain"...

So my sister came out late the other night and we made the mistake had some fun doing a bit of Shop Hopping down to some quilt shops she hadn't visited yet here in Lancaster County.

First on the list was Piece by Piece Quilt Shop in Ephrata... this is the local quilt shop I'll be teaching at.  My sister found some bargains, drooled over the classroom space available and we chatted with Nancy the owner before heading out.

We traveled south to connect with the Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt 340) - starting with Sylvia Petersheim's and ending at Zook's.  I'll make my confession tell you about my purchases on Sunday when I post my Stash Busting report... let's just say... it ain't pretty - well the fabric is... and they were all bargains... and well nevermind... you know!

We also had lunch at a new place that's opened on Rt 340 - DJ's Taste of the 50's.  I told the waitress after we'd finished that lunch was a 'good news - bad news' thing.  The good news was the Doo Wop Burger was the best burger I've had in a very long time... juicy meat, tasty bun.  The Bad News... the homemade chips were served warm, crispy, tasty, yummy in my tummy, I had to eat the whole serving of them good!  And honestly that was bad news... I ate them all... even the little tiny pieces!  I guess in 'Hindsight' that wasn't a good thing... LOL

Today I've got to clean... The Engineer has been traveling and will be back tonight - so all the things I've 'set aside for later'... well - Later has arrived!

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