Saturday, February 14, 2009

How about a Hawaiian Vacation?

You know you'd like to go!  Come along with me and it won't cost you a penny... Really!  And there's a Give Away Too!!

My friend Lisa Boyer is giving a tour of her island of Kauai.  (Yes - it really is that Lisa Boyer who wrote "That Dorky Homemade Look" and "Stash Envy".)  She started her tour about a week or so ago but it's easy to catch up  (psssts - you can even go in your jammies... she won't mind).

Make sure you check out her new Hawaiian Post Card quilt... it is stunning!  She's having a little give away on that post that ends in the middle of the week... you don't want to miss it.

Well - I say Lisa's my friend because she really does make you feel like she's your friend when she talks to you on her blog.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in swimmies class2004 when I went to  Honolulu to see my newborn Granddaughter Miss K.  I had signed up for Lisa's 'Swimmies' Class at a Quilt Shop on Oahu where she was a guest instructor.   I was happy to be able to show her the Baby Honu Quilt (adapted from her pattern) that I had just finished for Miss K.   She is a truly delightful person and if you don't already know her... go on over and introduce yourself. 

Baby Honu Turtles


Here is the Baby Honu quilt I made.  Miss K recently showed this  quilt to someone and told them "my granny is a quilter - she made this quilt for me... she's a very good quilter!"   LOL - she could be my agent!



Swimmies collage

Here is the Swimmies Quilt - I'll be finishing this up to give to my New Grandson The Little Turkey...

So go take a little mini-vacation with Lisa... it will be fun!


Bon said...

I love Lisa's site. I've been to the island she lives on and loved it. Thanks for the post about her blog.

Lisa Boyer said...

Your Swimmies are just GORGEOUS and I remember your beautiful Honu quilt. I love your color choices! Thanks for this very nice post...I'm so honored. You were fun to have in class and I'm so glad you've kept in touch--it's a pleasure to be able to be friends with you in blogland, Howdy!