Saturday, February 14, 2009

Souper Saturday... a review and referral

This week I started 5 weeks of the NutriSystem meals... so I won't be making my own soups for a little while.

But rather than leave you hanging... I thought I'd do two things with my Souper Saturday posts: 

  1. review the soups in the NutriSystem program
  2. send you to some blogs where I've seen some delicious soups... soups that I had been planning to make.

So here's my review of soup items these first 2 days:

Black Bean Tortilla Soup... a lunch item.  Reminded me of my Red Beans and Rice that I made last week - well... without the ham hock, and without the rice.  I would have liked to put a little salt in it... I'll make sure I pick up some onion power as that might have added a little zip.  But it was good with a bit of pepper - so I'll eat it again.

Chili with Beans... a dinner item.  Reminded me of a mild version of a canned chili - again I would have liked to add a bit of salt but it was OK.  I used this to make a Taco Salad with my vegetable items, shredded cheese, and black olives and I enjoyed it all together.

A couple weeks ago Ree over at The Pioneer Woman Cooks posted about her Moms Cauliflower Soup that sounds just yummy.  I have made a lot of broccoli soup over the years but hadn't used cauliflower... and since I have lots of wonderful cauliflower in my freezer from the farmers market this summer... this soup is on my list to make - a little later down the road... but go ahead and make it this weekend and let me know what you think.

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