Friday, February 13, 2009


Looking back always give us perspective...

Looking AT your back can give you incentive... loose weight.

I decided to take some pics just as a means of documenting my efforts and hopefully any results!  So I put on a pair of stretch pants one of my daughters handed down and a tank top.  First let me clarify something - I DO NOT wear stretch pants outside of the house... I wear them to lay around in when I'm sick or to clean the house in... but never would I go outside in them - Yikes No!  And remember my daughter handed them down to me... not sure why because she weighs less than I do but hey they are stretch pants and so they fit... just like stretch pants fit... ugly.

So I set the timer on the camera - set it on the dresser and did the side facing picture and the front facing picture - nothing new there... I can see those disappointing views daily.  What I hadn't seen before was my 'hindsight'... Good Lord!  That wasn't a pretty sight!

I've got all the motivation I now need to drop some weight...  all because of 'hindsight'.


Dawn-Marie said...

So where are the pics?

Howdy said...

Dawn-Marie... LOL surely you jest! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yah, I expected to see them too!!!

Good luck on Nutri-System, Cheryl. It has worked great for me, in the past. Just remember to supplement the meals. I forgot to do that the last time and didn't have enough protein, for several months. My bad, not theirs. I was even thinking of going back on it, down here, but the kids are near and Bobby cooks. Need I say more?


OH, and, yes, the dust will fly though. As will the germs that you have enclosed in your abode. It's good to open the house up, about once a month, and change the air, because it's cheaper to heat fresh air.