Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Relief... and Appreciation!

I had glanced outside this morning as I went about the business of letting the dogs out and getting their food ready.

The TV was on in the kitchen and the local weather came on... what caught my ear was the snow totals report... Lititz - a community I can drive to in about 15 minutes - had 12 inches of snow overnight.  "What?!"   And then there was a live report from a reporter knocking 12 inches of snow off a bush and showing the slushy roadways...  "Huh?!"


I went back to the door because if they got 12 inches surely I hadn't taken a good look when I let the dogs out...

dusting 002


What a relief... there really was just a dusting here.  I hadn't fully appreciated it when I first saw it this morning - but isn't it glorious!  I won't have to haul out the snowblower or shovel.  I'm just going to let the sunshine take care of it today.


I guess I'll know my cold is getting better when my coffee tastes good again.  I spent the day yesterday sitting on my couch - even took a nap between knitting and un-knitting this sock. 

knitting 006Some how I picked it up and started knitting in the other direction - I knew something was wrong but I don't have enough KKH (knitting know how) to know what.  Several rows later it was apparent I was doing something wrong. 

So I gently pulled it out and picked up the stitches and kept going.  I've got about 5 good inches now... But since I am nothing if not consistent - I did it again... aaauuughh!

It was too late last night to bother with it - so this morning I'll have to pull out a couple rows and try and pick it all up again.  Despite the little problems - I am enjoying it.


Bon said...

Hope you are feeling better today.

jayne said...

I just had to get a new password as I can't remember anything anymore. It must be the season for knitting as my DD and I are into it big time. She has surpassed me in what she can do. I also worked on the raffle quilt from the guild and it is from Simple Pleasures by Kin Diehl. I was getting the pieces for the blocks ready for the sewers who got 22 blocks done. It has an applique border but they aren't sure if they are using the simple one on the quilt but a different one in the book. It is a star block and a 9 patch alternated in scrappy tones.