Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coffee, Sunshine, Mud and Pepper...

Coffee:  Just thought I'd let ya know that coffee is again tasting good... it's nice to enjoy my mug of coffee in the morning.  This cold is just about completely gone... just a little congestion left - otherwise I'm pretty good.

Sunshine:  Little secret I'll share with you... if I adjust my mini-blind just so in the shower window... and I get up there before it's too late in the morning  - I can take a shower in the sunshine!  How cool is that!  No I'm not exposing my self to outside - unless you are up there where the sun is you can't see me... but it is nice to get a little bit of sunshine (and Vit. D) without getting cold.  Unfortunately it's cloudy today... but I have been enjoying my little 'sun showers' in the mornings.  LOL

Mud and Pepper:  These go hand in hand around here - unfortunately.  I do not understand why - but my 2 dogs eat dirt - especially now that things are thawing a bit with the warmer weather.  (There are times when they eat 'other things' but I'm just talking about dirt today)  They dig in the dirt and then gobble it up... it's not like I don't feed them.  Usually they eat their meal (they get fed twice a day) and they go right outside and eat dirt... right out and eat dirt!  Auuugh!  I'm tired of them digging - so I figured I'd sprinkle pepper around in the areas they visit to deter them... well that does work... but I didn't sprinkle pepper behind the  bush so one of them this morning headed right out behind there for their 'dirt chaser'.  I'm tired of the mud they are tracking in the house... I'm tired of the mud in the bottom of their water bowl... I'm tired of sweeping dirt back into the holes... I'm tired of washing their bedding because of the mud.  I do not know what is in the mud that attracts them... worms/bugs... ???  Are they missing something in their diets they are trying to supplement??  The vet just kinda shrugged his shoulders... suggested having their stool tested periodically to rule out their picking up problems - but otherwise he wasn't much help.

So anyone else got dogs enjoying 'dirt chasers'?  I'm ready to pave my back yard...


Anonymous said...


I thought I heard about this , google it !


Anonymous said...

Astro turf...solves dirt chasers and the lawnmower problem:)