Friday, January 30, 2009

Yuck! and other thoughts...

I'm not even enjoying my coffee this morning... so I guess that would make it official... I am sick.  Not terribly sick - but sick none the less.

I remember a couple years ago when my daughter and granddaughter were living with me in MA.  We all got sick... several days apart - starting with the Mom, then Auntie TeTe, then Miss K, and finally Granny.  Everyone followed the example of Mom with high fever constantly for 5 days - it would hover about 101 if you had an ample supply of fever reducer on board... but let that laps and you were easily up to 105.  Not where I like to keep my brains for sure.  Needless to say we finally figured out and put everyone on an alternating 4 hour routine of advil and tylenol - so that you were getting something every 2 hours thereby lessening the spike in fever.  Besides the high fever, you got a very raspy voice, a bit of a chest congestion and cough, and Sweating so bad that it made you change your clothes several times a day.  Everyone was sick as a dog for 5 solid days and then began feeling better over several more... since we all staggered our illness by the time Miss K got sick her Mom was feeling better and was back at school.  I laugh every time I think of that little sweetie waking up from a nap and trying to talk.  The raspiness had settled in her throat... and at 2 something she didn't understand.  "Te Te!" she said to her Auntie... "Som thins rong wif my maouf!?"  (something's wrong with my mouth) Gosh she was so cute... and so sick... I felt terrible for her... and we all knew by then just what she would be going through over the next 5 days.  Of course by the time she was starting to feel better Granny got sick... I have never, ever, EVER in my whole life been that out of it.  And by then my 2 daughters were better and back to work and school... so there was nobody to take care of me... or Miss K that first day I was sick.  So I just locked us in the living room with sippy cups for her and I and lots of snacks and toys and my tylenol and advil.  I did get the next couple days off from babysitting... LOL

Since this coffee doesn't taste any good I'm going to try a cup of tea and go do some sewing...

I did get a nap yesterday afternoon, I cleaned the kitchen in the evening, I also put in a load of laundry... and I did sleep better last night.

I've got chicken and smoked sausage thawing out... haven't decided if it will be cooked up to go over some pasta or rice - or if I'll make another pot of soup... I'm leaning towards the soup - oooo I have an idea...  mmmmm, yeah that's it!

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Anonymous said...

Keao still remembers this! She remembers throwing up at Granny's House in MA! What a memory!