Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 Something... 3 Something... 4 Something...

Followed by...

5 something, and 6 something... at which point - I just got UP!

Goodness... I must have slept very well between 10 something and that 2 something when I started waking up every hour -  every stinking hour.

No reason... not dreaming... not hot... no noises... just awake.

I feel like my body is thinking about getting sick... started yesterday when I was outside running the snow blower.  Granted I feel achy but I think that's just from wrestling with the snow blower and the little bit of shovel work I did... man that stuff was heavy!

But I've got a tickle way down my throat... you know - makes your voice sound sexy - but you aren't.  It is a sign I recognize as not a good sign.  So I hauled out the echinacea pills this morning and we'll see if that works again for me.  I'll have to see if I still have some echinacea tea... not only is it good but it's help me fend off a few colds over the years.

I dropped off the 2 class sample quilt tops at the shop this morning so my errands are done.  So maybe I'll go take a nap work on that 4 Patch Stacked Posie quilt top.... or I could go take a nap watch some of those shows I've recorded and not sat down to watch... maybe I should go take a nap practice knitting for my class next week... I really could take a nap clean the kitchen or take a nap do some laundry.  I could always take a nap unpack some other boxes or take a nap arrange the linens.

But what I really want to do is take a nap... TAKE A NAP!

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Dawn-Marie said...

Oh Cheryl I sure hope you decided to take a nap. I was feeling like I was coming down with something today as well. I left work and came home to take a nap but ended up cleaning the house instead.