Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am so out of shape...

Well yeah that too but I'm talking about Quilting Shape...

Although I haven't finished shoving boxes and unpacking stuff up in my sewing room I have decided to jump into a project no matter the mess.  I wasn't going to... but Bonnie Hunters New Year's Mystery Double Delight got me.

The day she posted the Intro with the fabric selection I went up and started trying to find the bins or drawers that have those colors in them.  I eventually got frustrated and put everything back.  But I've been watching as the instructions have been posted... and I like what I'm seeing - so I went back up and spent more time organizing so that I could open my cutting table, set up my big 'iron it' surface and set up my SewEzi Table.

I went out on Saturday and purchased the cheddar and brown that I needed as I didn't find anything in the stash I liked enough.  I may also need to go and pick up some more lights as I'm a bit thin on those... unless I find the box with scraps in it - I know it's up there.

Last night and today I spent a few hours cutting some of the fabric I need - and ya know what?  My neck and back are killing me... I haven't done this much cutting in more than 6 months.  I can't have this... I have to get back in shape... Quilting Shape.

I'm finally finding some 'missing' items while I'm unpacking... but we'll talk about those later.

Oh... and I stubbed a toe last night before bed.  Why is it that everything you do makes that toe hurt?  Who knew everything was attached to your toes?

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