Monday, January 5, 2009

I have failed before I started...

I just don't know what to say... I started out with the best of intentions.

I have watched over the past year as Judy L from Patchwork Times has encouraged folks to track their stash usage and purchases and report on it weekly... or whenever.

With our move and my fabric being packed up I didn't join last year.  Although I wasn't sewing it didn't keep me from acquiring fabric last year.  Since I wasn't able to put it away properly I kept shoving it into any plastic drawer that would hold it.  Needless to say my drawers are a mishmash of fabric which makes looking for something hard... what you see in the front is not what the drawer is full of.

So this year I thought I'd give the Stash Busting a go and could count and organize what I have as I unpack. 

Then I saw Bonnie Hunters Double Delight... and I gave in. 

I've always loved scrappy quilts and I've been intrigued by her system so I decided to get a handle on my scraps and to get set up to take better advantage of them.

In gathering fabrics for this DD project I realized I didn't have much variety or quantity of the lights, or the blue... or pinks... and I already went and bought the cheddar and brown.  So today was a road trip... down Rt. 340 in Lancaster Co. and into 4 shops.

So between Sylvia Petersheim's, Log Cabin Quilt Shop, The Quilt & Fabric Shack, and Zooks... I have 29 3/4 yards to add to my report for next Sunday... add to that the 3 yards I picked up on Saturday at Sauders... and I'm 32 3/4 yards on the plus side before Week #2 is a full day old.

But I got some cool stuff... here's the damages.

About 9+ yards were from 'Scrap Packs' - they were $3.95 and had anywhere from 1 1/3 yards to 2 1/4 yards.  Averaged out to approx. $2.20 a yard... and I'm happy with the fabrics.  Some are straight off the bolt cuts... others are odd shaped like half the width by whatever - a couple were short width 9" x 120" length along the selvedge.  They had a large basket of packets and I picked out the cubby ones in fabrics I thought I could use with this new project.

Scrap Bags 20

Here are the fabrics I purchases to go towards the Double Delight... well a couple of the light FQ's won't work but I kinda liked them so they came along for the ride.  The blues are pretty much darker than what they show up here... and so are the pinks.

Double Delight

Now I need to go and get some exercise... Quilty Exercise - Let the cutting begin!  Ohhh this feels sooo good!


Ruthie said...

Oh Howdy, you made me spit my toothpaste? I was brushing my teeth and wandered to the computer room to check out my blogs. When I read the 29+ yards, I spewed toothpaste all over the place. Makes me feel not so bad about buying 6 yards today.....Any you have certainly not failed, you just have more to work with than you did yesterday!

Howdy said...

LOL Oh Ruthie I'm so sorry... LOL Um I've got some fabric you could use to clean up if ya need... LOL