Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Buy or Not to Buy...

Oh Geez you know I bought it last Monday...

Thus far this year I'm 32 1/4 yards added inside of 3 days... which covered both the first and second weeks. 

Since I didn't report on Week #1 - I'll report both and I've deducted what I pulled and cut for the project I am working on.  I will need to go and get border fabric next week... but that should be a wash both in and out.

I haven't set up a spreadsheet... so this table will do for now but I am interested in trying to track what's coming in and out.  In the time that I haven't been sewing I've been accumulating and I'll need to get a handle on that. 

Week #1  Added


Week #2  Added


Week #2    Used





The really exciting part of this is that I'm actually back to sewing and it feels sooo good!

Other great quilty things are in the works for me too...


Shannon said...

Sewing IS the bast way to combat a stash!

Morah said...

Great report! I love it when we are honest and actually report our ins as well as outs!!! Love Shannons comment!!!!!!

Sherry said...

It is good to hear that I am not the only one that started the "busting year" by going in the wrong direction!! LOL

We will just have to stick together so that we get our stashes going down!

Lori in South Dakota said...

you have to BUY stash to USE stash! So going in the *wrong* direction isn't always wrong!

DMRFahey said...

If everyone was stashbusting then all of our favorite quilt shops would go out of business. Do you ever hear a painter say I am not buying anymore paint until I use all the colors that I have?