Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Day...

Here is a snapshot of my day...

My Day 001

Let's look at it...

  • start with the brown coffee mug on the left... it's full - it's from yesterday - it was up in my studio next to my sewing machine that still has blocks sitting and waiting for me to return - with the light on... all night.
  • my computer with Electric Quilt - I needed to work on something but after starting it I remembered I didn't scan the fabrics last night.
  • the green coffee mug - today's coffee empty (well I just refilled it but you can't see that)
  • a bag with yarn and a pattern for the sock class I'm taking next week - picked up on Monday - still sitting on the table
  • my purse and gloves - because I need to go out in the freezing hiney cold in a little while and get some errands done so that I won't have to go out tomorrow in the more than freezing hiney cold (by the way do you know that my spell check doesn't think hiney is a word - it suggested whiney which I guess would work as well for me today...)
  • a list of possible classes to teach at the shop - a couple patterns I'm considering and a quilt mag I'd love to read
  • my phone and the business card for a (new to us) local vet - whom I spent an hour and a half with last night - which by my math means I paid $200 an hour... yes for the time and all the tests and an 11 day supply of antibiotics for one of My Girls

And look what The Engineer made me do last night after I got home from the vet... after I ordered and ate pizza at 8:00 PM... when I was ready to go back to what I wanted to do...

My Day 002

The 4 boxes of family pictures that I haven't hadn't unpacked yet... the 4 boxes of pictures I stuck behind the file cabinet... the 4 boxes that were stacked up with other stuff... yeah those 4 boxes - I had to unpack because he needed me to scan some pictures for him.

This is why there are still strips hanging down from my sewing machine and my list of classes isn't complete and I haven't scanned my fabric...

My Girl 1 002 And here's my girl - she's embarrassed about costing me so much money... again!


My Girl 1 004


Anonymous said...

welllllllllllll that what happens to us people who don't work at a regular job ! We have all the time in the world so we take it all on !! so there is not as much time to do what we want,as there was when we worked outide the home . I think when your working you make the time for yourself and get others to help out or let some of it stay undone and make time for fun ! That's my take anyway,so , figure you have a job and that is all the hours your putting in ,and let someone else scan !


Mama Koch said...

There's always a half-drank coffee cup or a half-drank diet Coke setting beside my sewing machine...and I've been known to drink it several days later!

Stay warm.