Sunday, January 11, 2009

Waaaa Hooooo! Back to Teaching!

Those of you who 'know me' in the 3D world know that I don't get all jumpy, arms flapping, twirling around kind of happy.  I'm fairly low key and easy going... a big grin goes a long way with a happy heart.

But I was definitely doing a Happy Dance last week when I got an email that said in part....

"I would love to have you teach at the shop... snip ...  Please consider what classes you might want to teach and when.... snip ... If your schedule is not too busy and you feel up to teaching 2 or more classes, that is great!"

Um - did I say Waaaa Hooooo!  Oh... OK I won't do that again!  LOL

I have to tell you that I had really thought my quilt shop teaching days were at an end when I moved here to Lancaster Co.  Most of the shops here are 'fabric' shops... and great ones at that with their wide variety and great prices - but they don't have classes.  I figured I was just going to have to be happy inviting my quilty friends to come visit.

Shortly after moving into the Stone House I cut an ad out of the local shopping newspaper.  It was for a Quilt Shop that I hadn't heard of before located in the center of the closest 'little/big' town.  That ad sat on the front of my fridge for a couple months... I had no time to sew and figured there wasn't any need in tormenting myself.

Later in the summer I stopped in while waiting for my MIL to finish her therapy appointment and was happy to find a real quilt shop... you know with samples hanging and, and, and.... A LARGE CLASSROOM!

The owner was very friendly and came to chat as I was looking around.  It didn't take me toooo long to work into the conversation that I was new to the area, busy working on fixing up an old stone house we bought, and that the only thing I missed in MA was my job working at a quilt shop.  Her response was "Oh did you teach too?" 

She was interested in finding new teachers and wanted to see some of my work.  Two days later I drug in a bunch of stuff I'd used as teaching samples at my old shop.  I was happy when she said she'd be in touch after the holidays when she was putting her Spring class list together.  Then I came home - put all my quilts away and went back to painting... you remember the painting... and I got sauced too...

The holidays are now over, the canning has come to an end, the painting is on hold for the time being... most importantly - I'm back to sewing.  And then the email came...

So on Friday I went in to talk with her about the new class schedule... and what she might want.  End result is that I can pretty much teach what ever I want when ever I want... pretty cool Huh?

And now I need to figure out what to teach... and get some samples made... Waaaa Hoooo!  Oh sorry about that - it slipped out!


Bon said...

Oh Howdy, I'm so excited for you. I can just imagine how much you've missed the teaching. You are so good at it. I can see why you let out a Waaaa Hooooo! But I can't really see you doing that but good for you if you did. A rare occurance I'm sure. Congrats on the new teaching job.

Anonymous said...

that's the best news I've heard in a long time ! congrats !!!!