Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 3 - Stash Busting Report

My used report this week covers my quarter inch seam problem with sewing the 9 patch units... I had to completely re-cut both light and pink strips.  I also went and picked up yardage for the borders for the Double Delight top - a little more of each because I know that there isn't a border I can't screw up...  so it pays to be prepared.


I haven't decided how to handle the fabric I'll be getting for the classes I'll be teaching... I'll figure it out this week - but I have to tell you I'm looking forward to cutting into those and getting started.

And to prove that ORDER really can come out of CHAOS... here is what evolved out of my sewing the last section onto those scrappy 9 patch units...

order 002

kinda pretty isn't it...

order 004


Dianah said...

I sew samples for my local shop and teach classes. When I am given yardage I don't count the yardage in or out for my samples. Once I have made my top (my shop likes tops not finished quilts) I only cound the leftover yardage as "in yardage." When I get my sample back and finish the quilt I count what I use for the backing and binding.


Lori in South Dakota said...

tops or quilts I make as a "job" I don't count unless it comes back to stay with me.

Sherry said...

You still used more than you brought in. . .so I think you are on the right path!